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BIANCOFIORE is an art studio and artists' run space built in the heart of the Art District of CityLab 971; it is a project born from the urban regeneration of a dust castle, it is the upheaval of a ruin.
From an idea by Victor Albano and Irene De Sanctis, an alternative reality was born which bears the names of: Daniele Culicelli, Sergio Saija and Valerio Volpato, who integrated their technical and poetic peculiarities into the project, giving life to a new relational perspective.
From the determination of five emerging artists comes a creative appropriation, generating ideas that establish themselves in a hybrid space that goes beyond visual art, experimenting multimedia and cultural contaminations.

The goal is not only to create artworks and exhibitions, but also to create opportunities for discussion and debate, allowing artists and intellectual figures of all statures to dialogue with each other.
Studio view
Sergio Saija, artist book, embossing prints
Brigdorius, RISE ABOVE, ready made
Daniele Culicelli, Zuppo d'accidia, detail, oil on canvas
Valerio Volpato, Composed flow, industrial varnish on composite panel, vegetal elements
Eirene, MIRRORS ARE INVISIBLE, installation
Studio view

23-28 Oct 2023
Open studio
The studio will be open to all visitors
Free admission
Vernissage Monday 23 Oct 2023 | 17:30-21:30
via Salaria 971 - Roma