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Giuliana Paolucci, Luana Romano and Vito Di Bella gave birth to the Isole9 collective by sharing close sensitivities and a kindred poetics, based on an evocation that makes its way through freedom in the use of color and the search for atmospheres often inspired by the theatrical and cinematographic world.
The three artists trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, welcoming in their research urban atmospheres and landscapes beyond the real, hovering between the oneiric, the symbolic and the fantastic, from which springs a vision of existence understood as representation.
The group takes its name from the place where its events will be promoted - via delle Isole9, in the Trieste district - but it also implies the common search for new horizons and their expression as individuals within a single constellation and archipelago.



28 Oct 2022 | 17:00-21:00
first performance of the collective
Event on reservation
studio isole9
Via Delle Isole 9 - Roma