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I learned the rudiments of drawing techniques from an early age. At the age of 12 I participated in my first painting competition in Castel San Pietro Romano (RM). The municipality, in addition to being the set of numerous Italian neorealism films, was also the home of one of the most esteemed exponents of the known as the "Roman school" Ottavio Bigiaretti. Grandfather of a friend from football matches, he gave me numerous advice on the basics of painting and his techniques.
My working life took me to an architectural studio, when perspectives were still drawn and colored by hand, thus I refined the perspective techniques of architectural drawing. During my military service, I worked as a mechanical technical designer, a field that allowed me to "see small, so that the larger one improves on the small."
Another turning point in my personal and unprecedented artistic training took shape in 2003, when my wife Laura and I decided, given my passion for calligraphy and illuminated letters, to make wedding invitations. The personal satisfaction I have had encourages and convinces me to deepen and improve calligraphic techniques, participating in numerous national and international courses, held by the most famous Italian calligraphers worldwide, such as Barbara Calzolari, Luca Barcellona, Massimo Polello, Marta Lagna, Monica Dengo.
Thanks to the learning of advanced calligraphic techniques, my first pictorial works with a calligraphic theme were born, which will allow me to exhibit my works in many places in the Roman nightlife, so much so that I was requested for the creation of murals and interior decorations in some of the most famous restaurants and hotels in the capital. I am one of the first artists to put into practice some advanced techniques of gestural calligraphy by combining them with painting, very popular in the last twenty years. As a calligrapher, I still continue to collaborate with some of the most famous fashion and lifestyle brands.
As the years pass, the desire to try new techniques and new horizons brings me back to painting on canvas in the search for my own internal journey of externalizing "my" beauty.
During the pandemic, I am participating in some advanced online courses in watercolor, oil painting and modern painting techniques.

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