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BRIGDORIUS, alias Victor Albano, is a visual artist who bases his research on the extension of the concept of cyborg, imagining worlds and creatures that contaminate each other, questioning the reactions of living beings in the presence of phenomena.

In the creation of the «Varet» series he uses PLASTIC and METAL as equivalents of FLESH and BONE, to define a multitude of THERIOMORPHIC MACHINES which are standardized and sealed in a metaphysical universe through an intervention of heavy monochromatic covering, which constitutes the SKIN.

In addition to his career as an artist and designer, he curates exhibition events and in 2023 he founded the artists' run space BIANCOFIORE STUDIO. He is assistant to the renowned artist Maurizio Mochetti and is responsible for the technical coordination of visual art department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

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