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Nunzio Di Fabio's artistic journey began at the age of 15, exclusively using ink and pencil on paper. After this interlude (1982-1986), he moved to Bologna where he graduated in Political Science.
In 1990, he began studying techniques for "self-knowledge" with a genuine instructor of the Isoteric System, which led him to travel for 10 years in Latin America, immersed for extended periods in nearly untouched nature. This interest, coupled with an in-depth study of the Dorian Pythagorean triangle, gave him the impetus for what would become his first works dedicated to Objective Art - (mandala P. 1992-1996).
He then began to become fascinated with sonic geometry, its sonic angles, and its geometric chords, learning the existing correspondences between angles, wavelengths, frequencies, sounds, and, of course, colors.
In 1996 he moved to Rome, and in 1997, he produced another type of mandala, also expressing an equivalence between sound, color, movement, angle, etc., but highly personalized, meaning crafted specifically for a particular individual in relation to their structure - (mandala A. 1997-1999). These studies led him to understand the correlations between sounds and colors since they all belong to the same energy, and the relationships between a color and its complementary and harmonics.
In Nunzio Di Fabio's paintings, the chromatic juxtapositions come from this internalization. He also thinks of the world of frequencies. His works are not just a mirrored manifestation of his sensations, his way of perceiving nature with its elements, in this sense, a type of art that's inherently subjective. But within his dreamlike landscapes, if observed more closely, resonances and their harmonics emerge in the overall material composition. The artist, therefore, attempts to objectify its meaning.
In his mind, there exists a creative plane that he conveys onto the canvas, using colors almost as a musical composition where one can find Rhythm in movements, in lines of force, in the most instinctual part of the painting; Melody in chromatic succession contrasts (contrasts dictated by consonant intervals) and finally Harmony in the overlay and simultaneity of colors. As he learned from his studies, we live on a very particular planet compared to what exists in the universe, a universe primarily composed of a state of matter called plasma. Of the remaining four states: solid, liquid, gas, and electromagnetic, only the first three are the most "common," familiar due to their primary relationship with the ordinary senses of perception, even though ultimately, humans possess all of them within themselves. Setting aside the plasma state, the others can be represented, in a way, by earth, water, air, and fire, elements of nature and of the human being.
When Nunzio Di Fabio paints, references to these elements are always present, sometimes focusing the work on one of them in particular, other times incorporating them all but with varying degrees of relevance. His interest lies in expressing his emotions and reflections using painting as a medium and Objective Art as a starting point.

Solo show in museums and public galleries
2015LANDSCAPE AND INFORMAL ART, MUSEO MICHETTI, Francavilla al Mare (CH) Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 10-24 Oct 2015
HARMONIC DYNAMISM, CASTELLO DUCALE, Crecchio (CH) Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 22-31 Aug 2015
DYNAMIC MANDALA, MUSEOLABORATORIO, Città Sant'Angelo (PE) Italy | Video Art Inspired by Objective Art, 28 Mar-12 Apr 2015
2013-2014DYNAMIC MANDALA, MUSEO CASA NAZIONALE DI GABRIELE D'ANNUNZIO , Pescara Italy | Video Art Inspired by Objective Art, 12 Dec 2013-12 Jan 2014
2013DYNAMIC MANDALA, MUSEO D'ARTE SACRA - CASTELO PICCOLOMINI, Celano (AQ) Italy | Video Art Inspired by Objective Art, 10-31 Aug 2013
2012HARMONIC DYNAMISM AND PARALLEL LINES, AURUM , Pescara Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 19 May-11 Jun 2012
2002HARMONIC DYNAMISM, Complesso Monumentale di Sant'Anna, Ortona (CH) Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 02-12 Aug 2002
Solo show in alternative spaces
2011BEYOND SOUND, THE COLOR, FARO di ALDO ROSSI, Lanciano Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 01-17 Sep 2011
2005HARMONIC DYNAMISM, AEROPORTO FIUMICINO, Fiumicino - Roma Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 02-16 Apr 2005
2003HARMONIC DYNAMISM, Spazio Espositivo Castellammare 69, Fregene - (RM) Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 03-13 Jul 2003
2002HARMONIC DYNAMISM, Spazio Espositivo Cam., Fregene (RM) Italy | Solo Painting Exhibition, 03-18 Aug 2002
Exhibitions in International Fairs and Events
2019MATERA - EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2019, CINEMA IL PICCOLO, Matera Italy | Dynamic Mandala - Video Art Inspired by Objective Art., 06-30 Apr 2019
201154ª INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION of the VENICE BIENNALE, Padiglione Italia Regione Abruzzo - Polo Museale S. Spirito, Lanciano (CH) Italy | 54ª INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION of the VENICE BIENNALE, 01 Jun-30 Sep 2011
Group exhibitions in museums and public galleries
2015FROM IDEA TO ACTION, MUSEO DI ARTE MODERNA E CONTEMPORANEA, Penne (PE) Italy | 8th Art Biennale of Penne/Nocciano - Video as Dynamic Evolution of the Sign, 17 Oct-08 Nov 2015
2012THE SELF-IMAGE, CAPPELLA ORSINI, Roma Italy | The Self-Image. Exhibition of 'Creativity in the Mirro, 08 Mar-05 Apr 2012
2011HARMONIC DYNAMISM, MACRO - Testaccio, Roma Italy | Italic Totems: Rights to Authors for the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification, 20 Jul 2011
INTERNATIONAL ITALY ART EXHIBITION 2011, VILLA GUALINO, Torino Italy | Contemporary Art Exhibition, 29 Apr-29 May 2011
150 YEARS OF ITALIAN UNIFICATION, ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA di COPENAGHEN, Copenaghen Denmark | Contemporary Italian Art, 12 Apr-14 May 2011
201075 SELECTED ARTISTS IN THE EXHIBITION, PINACOTECA CIVICA di IMPERIA, Imperia Italy | Italian Art Encyclopedia - 75 Artists on Display, 01 Jul-01 Aug 2010
INTERNATIONAL ITALY ART EXHIBITION 2010, VILLA GUALINO, Torino Italy | Contemporary Art Exhibition, 10-30 Apr 2010
2008ROME ART FESTIVAL, AMBASCIATA della REPUBBLICA ARABA d'EGITTO, Roma Italy | Contemporary Art Exhibition, 18-29 Jun 2008
2007NTERNATIONAL ART UNIVERSE, ACCADEMIA DI ROMANIA, Roma Italy | Contemporary Art Exhibition, 08-14 Dec 2007
BIENNALE FREEARTE, GALLERIA IL CANOVACIO - STUDIO ANTONIO CANOVA, Roma Italy | Contemporary Art Exhibition, 08-18 Sep 2007
2005HYPEGALLERY - CONTEMPORARY ART, ASSAB ONE -EX GEA, Milano Italy | Exhibition of Reproduced Artworks in Print, 07 Nov-27 Jul 2005
Exhibitions in Private Galleries
2012EXHIBITION OF GREAT CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, PALAZZO NANNI, Campo di Giove (AQ) Italy | Exhibition Of Great Contemporary Artists, 05-30 Aug 2012
Exhibition Of Great Contemporary Artists, GALLERIA TRIFOGLIO ARTE, Pescocostanzo (AQ) Italy | Exhibition Of Great Contemporary Artists, 30 Jun-09 Sep 2012
2011ARTISTIC BLENDS, ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE CASSIOPEA, Roma Italy | Artistic Blends: The Primacy of Expressive Freedom in the Era of Globalization, 07-18 Oct 2011
UNDER THE SKY OF ART, ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE CASSIOPEA, Roma Italy | 22nd Edition of the Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Artists, 10-21 Jun 2011
2010COLLECTIVE OF ITALIAN ARTISTS, GALLERIA BREHOVA, Praga Czech Republic | Contemporary Italian Art, 07 Jul-27 Aug 2010
2006IMPERFECT, PANCALDI GALLERY, Roma Italy | Contemporary Art Exhibition, 05-30 Apr 2006
2002ABSTRACT DYNAMISM, L'ANGELO AZZURRO GALLERY, Roma Italy | Contemporary Art Exhibition, 22 Mar-04 Apr 2002
Group shows in alternative spaces
2013GALA DE L'ART, HOTEL DE PARIS, Montecarlo Monaco, Principality of | Montecarlo awaits the Italian Excellences of Art, 30 May-01 Jun 2013

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