Mei Chen Tseng Printmaking Studio

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Mei Chen Tseng is a Taiwanese artist and a member of the Royal
Society of Painters and Printmakers UK. She holds a degree in English
Literature from Fu-Jen University in Taipei, Taiwan, and earned a
diploma and master's degree in Painting and Printmaking from the
Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and the Rome University of Fine Arts,
She possesses teaching experience at Fu-Jen University and the National
Taiwan University of Arts. She founded the Burin Studio in Taipei and the
"Mei Chen Tseng Printmaking Studio" in Rome.

Her works have been showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions
worldwide. For instance, she participated in the "Immediati dintorni"
exhibition at the Central Institute for Graphics in Rome, Italy, and recently
held a solo exhibition titled "Philosophic Dialogue between Light and
Shadow" at the Helios Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan.
She has garnered significant accolades, including the Full Fellowship as a
guest artist at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia. Her artistic
practice spans a range of forms, including video, installation, drawing
and painting, with a particular focus on large scale wood engraving.

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Mei Chen Tseng The Book of Changes I Ching 64 Hexagrams: 43, 44  woodengraving hand printed on Puo Luo paper with Taiwanese pineapple leaf fibers 40g  Image size: 32x184cm Paper size: 66x228cm 2017 Edition 21