Monica Susana Figus

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Since my adolescence in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have experienced a deep interest in the arts, making plastic sperimentation in private studies. In 1984 I graduated as Professor of Visual Arts. Subsequently, I resided for some periods in Spain, Italy and Romania, working and studying different aesthetic trends. My laboratory is now located in the province of Rome, Italy.

Painter, creator of pop art objects, installations. With a theatrical training too, I worked into ephemeral scenography and performance.
I have gone through some periods of naturalistic figuration to others of purely material abstraction. More recently, I approached expressionist informalism, through compositional structures with primary forms and juxtaposition of spaces.
I incorporate digital art in addition to manual intervention on printed images.

Parallel to this artistic career, I am a Psychologist, graduated at the University of Mar del Plata, Argentina. I directed the subject Psychology of Form and Visual Education at the High School of Arts.
I often participate at artist residences in character of passionate about the exchange of experiences and creative activities.
My works have been exhibited in spaces of Europe and South America through individual and collective exhibitions, and many of them are currently part of permanent collections.


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