Cristian Jorge Delgado

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Member of Peña Fotográfica Rosarina (PFR, Fotoclub Rosario), Argentina, Foto Club Castelli Romani (FCCR), and Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche (FIAF).

Emeritus Professor of Biophysics and Human Biology at the National University of Rosario, Argentina.


Working with my photographs allows me to express my personal world and get in touch with the sensitivity of those who perceive this production. The topics and also the techniques I deal with are very varied. For example urban or rural landscapes, not trying to "reflect reality" but to transmit something from the sensitive level rather than the recognizable one: transparencies, lights, layers of varied texture, extreme chromatic contrasts. There are very colourful works, saturated with light, and also series in black and white. Many times in the context of minimalism or abstraction. In some series of photos human relationships appear and, above all, through metaphorical paths, the human being connected to what (inanimate or not) is strange, unknown, mysterious.

I also practice some of the photographic techniques known as "historic": cyanotype, callitype, salt paper, which thanks to the use of chemical reagents, exposure to sunlight, development, etc., arrive to another conception of the image. At the opposite end of this working dynamic there is an intense digital processing that involves many variations. Without excluding, at times, manual intervention (inking, paints, etc.) on the photographic work already printed. In addition, very often I accompany my exhibitions, live or online, with video art projections.

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