silvia randi

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I started painting and drawing at a very young age, won a provincial competition in middle school, then studied at the scientific high school and graduated with a degree in Architecture in 1982. Retired since 2015 I have been cultivating my passion for visual arts.
I have worked as an architect and as a teacher. I have always continued to paint and work with clay by taking various courses. I later graduated as an Art Therapist with a Steinerian orientation, and I collaborated with the AUSL of Parma for artistic activities with psychiatric patients.

- From 2005 to 2008 I lived in the UK where I did training, at Hibernia College, Stroud taking courses for Art Therapists and at Wiltshire College and University Centre-taking a course in " Clay, Pottery and Ceramic Glazing."
- From 2012 to 2015 I lived in New Zealand, here I taught art courses for the Dante Alighieri Society and the Anthroposophical Society of Auckland.
- From 2015 to 2020 I lived in Australia where I participated in an art group U3A- "Painting Practice group" - I did Cultural and Artistic Activities at "Dante Alighieri" Brisbane, and volunteer activities c/o "St Vincent's Private Hospital" in Brisbane, doing art activities and exhibition organization at the hospital.
- From 2020 to present I am attending Liceo Artistico Toschi in Parma, and am currently enrolled in the 5th year
I have participated in group exhibitions

I have participated in group exhibitions:

- 2018 and 2019 c/o "Vera Gallery ", Brisbane
- 2020 c/o "St Vincent's Private Hospital" Brisbane.

I have not always been an artist, but I have always been creative. For the past few years I have been looking for my way as an Artist. I like to explore in painting the world of color, light and shadow, spaces and shapes. I try to explore these worlds, careful to consider how they act with the soul and feelings.

Education and Workshops
2023scultura su pietra leccese, otranto Italy | workshop residenziale, di scultura con pietra leccese,
2020-2023liceo artistico , liceo artistico Paolo Toschi, Parma Italy | corso serale - attualmente al 5° anno,
2017-2019U3A- Painting Practice group, BRISBANE Australia | attività di gruppo , artisti che a rotazione dirigono il gruppo per lavorare insieme , scambio e sinergia.,
2007corso semestrale , art therapy, Hibernia college, Stroud United Kingdom
2004-2005“Clay, Pottery and Ceramic Glazing”, Wiltshire College and University Centre, trowbridge United Kingdom
2000-2008scuola di arte terapia , Scuola di Luca, firenze Italy | scuola di arte terapia ad indirizzo antroposofico, percorso di studi + tesi + tirocinio,
1976-1982laurea in architettura, università degli studi , Firenze Italy
Exhibitions in Private Galleries
2018Australian beaches, vera Gallery, brisbane Australia | I love seashells and like to walk along the edge of the sea without shoes, looking for the most common shells, which characterize that place. Compositions: one image for each beach visited,, 20 May-03 Jun 2018
2017-2018Outside in, St Vincent’s Private Hospital, brisbane Australia | esposizione collettiva presso l'ospedale St.Vincent di Brisbane, 01 Aug 2017-05 Jan 2018
2016U3A Practising Art Group, vera Gallery, Brisbane Italy | esposizione 10 opere in mostra collettiva, 01-20 Jul 2016