Massimo Garanzini

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Massimo Garanzini is an italian artist, born in 1971 and living in Milan. He graduated from the Art School in 1990 and then got the degree in Philosophy in 1996 with a dissertation and essay in contemporary art on Jean-Michel Folon.

His career is characterized by communication consultancy for large international companies in primary Italian and Global PR firms. In parallel Massimo has continued and developed his personal path and passion for painting.

The series of the collages "existential cities" was created for the first time in 2010. 
The existential path from Massimo started with an emotional view of the nature and landscapes and then evolved narrowing the key role of the cities as expression of a new nature sourranding humanity.

"The inspiration of existential cities comes from Van Gogh's masterpiece "Starry night" where all of reality becomes an expression of the artist's experience and passion.

The evolving scenario of new buildings and architectures in Milan and the international experiences I had, gave me additional stimuli and a new view of the reality.

"I think my works incapsulate many ispirations from Van Gogh, the Metaphysical Town Square series from De Chirico, the Cubist cities, the cities from the Futurist movement, Schifano. A special place is holded also by Hockney with his villas, deserts, swimming pools and the landscapes and fences by Christo".
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