Corine Gholam Fawaz

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Corine Gholam Fawaz is an abstract Lebanese artist.


Back in the days of her childhood, Corine was drawn to visual arts from an early age. At that time, she had very limited resources and zero drawing or painting skills, and yet never hesitated painting on any surface that crossed her way: kitchen glasses, tableware, sweaters, fabrics … anything would serve to fulfill her creative need.


She developed her artistic background at ESA SAINT-LUC Liege, Belgium, EMMAGOS  Beirut, Lebanon, ART LEAGUE Houston, Texas, USA.

For many years Corine  focused on figurative and still life styles. Along the way, driven by the curiosity to understand the secret and science behind the fluid art techniques that required knowledge of physics and dynamics, she had to enroll in multiple experimental art labs workshops in USA for the sake of mastering its complexity.

A love story began with this total abstraction, and the fascinating battle between densities.

She drifted drastically from naturalism to mingling art and science, broadening her perspectives, breaking all the boundaries, traditions and limitations, shedding light on freedom of expression and depicting her emotions in an unconventional way.


What started as a hobby ended up in a lifelong passion. Her love for making art became a devotion , creating full time in her studio in Lebanon.


Daily mindfulness exercises and horticulture practices are the most powerful driving forces behind her creations.


Her mission is to bring life to your interiors / working places, and infuse your souls with intense emotions.




2015- Emmanuel Paul Guiragossian Museum, Beirut Lebanon


2019- Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy


2019- Spazio Arte Tolomeo, Milano, Italy

Award winning


2020- Spazio Arte Tolomeo, Milano, Italy


2021- Palazzo Saluzzo Dei Rolli, Genoa, Italy


2021- Chapiteau De Fontvieille, Monaco, France


2021- MONAT Gallery, Madrid, Spain


2022- Arthaus, Beirut, Lebanon


2022-les Plumes Galerie, Beirut, Lebanon


2022- LAUNYHQ, Manhattan, New York,USA


2022-Auction on Artscoops


2022-Qatar International Art Fair, Doha, Qatar




My artwork is a reverence to the overwhelming intricate beauty and power of the universe, depicting this vibrant reality through an abstract approach, using fluid acrylic paint, focusing on balance, interaction of forms and color harmony.


The experimental painting technique by David Alfaro Siqueiros have served as inspiration for my latest work.

Fluid mechanics is involved. A fascinating  process that involves a battle between densities. By working with different pigments’ density/viscosity, a push and pull reaction occurs, creating beautiful clusters.

" I call it a mingling of science and art"

The possibilities are endless, and once again i am captured in the process.


Corine Gholam Fawaz

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Floating Series (N9) 120x120 cm
Floral Scent (N1/1) 60x60 cm
Floral Series (N2/2) 60x60 cm
Floral Scent Series (N1) 60x60 cm
Floral Scent Series (N6) 60X60 cm