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Jomay (from Hong Kong), based in Florence.  She possesses B.Sc Econ & Management from University of London and Bachelor degree of Visual Art Painting at Libera Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze.  Jomay is always fascinated with the Italian Art and painters.  She came to Florence to pursue her dream to become a professional artist.  She is strongly influenced by the French Impressionism, Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste and Renoir as well as Italian master Giorgio de Chirico.  She is also fascinated with the colour theory and advocates the colour theory of Marc Chagall and Newton.  From 2016 onwards, she has participated many collective exhibitions around the world; Hong Kong, Italy - Prato, Florence, Genova, Turin, Asti, Rome, Milano, Bologna and Venice; Paris, London and Brussels and Biennales in Rome, MEAM Barcelona.  In April 2022, she had her first solo exhibition in Signa.  She won numerous prestigious awards, e.g. 5° International Prize Leonardo da Vinci; International Prize MICHELANGELO The Genius of Italy and City of Barcelona Award etc..  She won and be finalist of many competitions, eg. “Medusa” won the Premio III° Classificato at Rassegna Artistic Internazionale “Nel Segno di Caravaggio”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” won the Premio Primo Classificato of Rassegno Artistica Internazionale “50 Per Disney”.  Her paintings published in major Art Catalogues; CAM 58, Artisti di Oggi e di Domani 3.  Critics talk about her: Vittorio Sgarbi, Lorenzo Pacini, Roberto Portinari, Rosanna Chetta, Enzo Nasillo and Francesca Callipari.


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Art is my passion and gives me so much pride and recognition.
Title: Tiger with mask, mixed media 2023, 60 x 80 cm
Title: Tears of Gold 2022, oil and faux old leaf on canvas 75 x 60 cm
Title: The Kiss 2022, mixed media on plexiglass 100 x 100 cm
Title: Medusa 2021, oil on canvas 60 x 60 cm
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Events at Rome Art Week

23 Oct 2023 | 09:00-17:00
Jomay Tam

Free admission
Open Studio
Via Raffaele Cadorna 28 - Roma
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