Marco Stefanelli

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Marco Stefanelli is an independent radio producer and a radio journalist, he works since 2012 on social radio and migration issues. Since 2015 he started working on bringing the audio storytelling beyond the limits of radio, producing: soundwalks, sound installations, radio live show in theatre and public spaces. In 2016 he created, and he is still developing, the project “Guide Invisibili” with the aim of spreading the stories of refugees and asylum seekers through a collection of six soundwalks that bring the listeners around six Roman neighborhoods telling the stories of this "new citizens" who live in our communities, Guide Invisibili won some of the most important Italian and International awards for its innovative approach in telling the stories of refugees and migrants. Starting with the experience of Radio Ghetto, a communitarian radio project developed together with exploited migrant who work as agricultural workers in Puglia (Italy), he also focused his journalistic researches on the topic of labour exploitation and seasonal workers. For this reason he produced several radio documentaries, podcast and webdoc about the exploitation of African workers in the harvest of oranges in Rosarno (Calabria region) and in the harvest of tomatoes in Foggia (Apulia region), and the exploitation of Bulgarian Roma families in the harvest of tomatoes, olives, artichokes, zucchini, etc. in the South of Italy. His reportages and multimedia projects won the Media Migration Award by the European Union and were selected in international radio festival such as the Grand Prix Nova by Radio Romania and the Prix Europa.
Since 2013 he is also a radio trainer working on the idea of radio as a communication and artistic tool for spreading the voices of marginalized communities. He worked in: Bulgaria, Malta, Spain, France, West Bank and Italy.

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