Martina Magno

Data and contact details

Photographer and Multimedial Artist

Graduated in Philosophy of Language, Martina lives between Rome and Turin, where she works as a photographer of works of art. Over the latest ten years, she has been professionally connected to the international contemporary art's and artists's scenes.
Apart from photography, her productions involves video installations, poetry, written-art, dreams turned into depicted images and spoken dreams.
Since her academic studies, sheʼs always been fond of the dimension of dreams, both in their semiotic and visual layers. Her eyes focus with geometrical abstractions and multi-layer sceneries.
She published her first novel “La bambina è sovrappensiero e non lo dice” in 2006.
Lately, she ideated and started the photographic project named “WYTYA”, a powerful combination of black and white portraits and graphical layout.
From 2019 she's working on a new independent publishing house, with focus on contemporary photography, essays and poetry.

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