Soodeh Shf

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Soodeh Shf is a multidisciplinary artist and architect. Her artistic journey began at the age of 17 when she participated in national visual arts competitions, which laid the foundation for her artistic development. She graduated in Architecture and has since established herself as an architect primarily working in Iran. Her studies in architecture allowed her to explore the interplay between space and individuals, a concept that continues to inspire her artistic practice. In 2019, she further expanded her artistic horizons by graduating in painting from the Fine Art Academy in Rome. In addition to her architectural pursuits, she has ventured into painting, performance art, and collage. Her works have been exhibited in various galleries, exhibitions, and artistic events.

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Events at Rome Art Week

24 Oct 2022 | 16:00-19:00
Soodeh Shf

Admission only by invitation
Open Studio
Studio Soodeh Shf
Via Dei Glicini, 124/A - Roma
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