Camilla Ghione

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Camilla Ghione is a young Italian artist who was born and raised in the Principality of Monaco where she began to develop her passion for art at the International school, she then pursued her education at the Art Institute of New York City, where she obtained her Fashion Design degree in 2016.

In November 2018, she launched her own brand of luxury accessories with her first “ART TO WEAR’ pieces printed with her art works. The mission of the brand is “To be an exclusive ART TO WEAR house in a luxurious and sustainable way. Combining Art, Nature, Technology and Made in Italy”

In art, she often likes to give the audience a space of freedom and nature. She is fascinated by dimension; her latest works combine resin and acrylic painting which is her very own technique.

Her artworks vary from more modern resin pieces where she is inspired by introversion, elements of nature, emotion… to more conceptual mirror works to more realistic oil paintings or more natural works in a world where unfortunately it is often not considered enough.

She also likes to represent the social and environmental issues of our society, our world.

In December 2021 she participated in a Sotheby’s auction at Bal de Noel in Hotel de Paris in Monaco, her painting “More than what you can see” sold for Charity of Princesse Charlene.
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