Michel Pellaton

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MICHEL PELLATON shares the A4.21 STUDIO studio in the Celio district in Rome with the cinema set designer LUDOVICA FERRARIO, and for the occasion of Art Week 2022 they invited the artist-set designer LORENZO CARTA to share this event called SGUARDO D'INSIEME .

MICHEL PELLATON was born in Switzerland in Lausanne in 1965 and graduated from the Fine Arts of Besançon and Nîmes in France. He has lived and worked in Rome for years.

His work is mainly based on the methods of collage, which he develops around a constantly evolving collage grammar. Among the methods that of comparisons is relevant. These can be of different types such as the iconographies of yesterday and today, here or elsewhere, of the monetary collages, in comparison with architecture and design, and from 2022 on 'new capitalisation Foundation Platforms that take on art and culture as a new economic model'. These processes have led him to work for some time on spherical and derivative formats. Through these works, Michel Pellaton creates spheres often with large eyes called "Oblò", and which allow him to invert the paradigms of the art object and their place in institutions or in the places where they are found. Oblò become a kind of "visitors" who allow you to face situations according to the criteria of uncertainty. Finally, he is also working on new notions of pictorial space that seek to go beyond stereotypical space.

His collage grammar also leads him to develop all kinds of synergies and collaboration strategies. He proposes projects of "collective works" or niche exhibitions directly with other artists. During this time he is developing collaborations based on a series of spheres, a watch project called "The Art of Time", as well as niche international group exhibitions in his A4.21 STUDIO and other workshops.

LUDOVICA FERRARIO architect, reknowned production designer, always interested in the relationship between space and psychology,arrives in the shared space A4.21 STUDIO in expanding her interests and research not only in the field of cinema.

"Voice to the Diving" springs from the 2019 experience at the MaCRO in Rome with "Parola al Tuffo-Dive into Words" with Sara Poledrelli and Caltanino. Here she summarizes with photos the spirit of the project where the sharing gives the added value to the creative process in continuous transformation.

LORENZO CARTA, born in 1980 in Qurtu S.Elena (Ca), after studying fine arts he deals with set design for cinema as Art Director. In the pictorial field he is mainly interested in portraits. He lives and works in Rome.

The painting "Pantheon" that he exhibits was created in March 2020 in Rome, during the first lockdown, and is part of a cycle of works dedicated to the homeless living in the capital.

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CELLs 1-Luovica Ferrario
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