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The Astronut (AKA Massimiliano Ionta), was born in Rome, Italy on February 28.1969, live in Rome and Milan.

Started in the late 90' as artist, songwriter and music producer. In the 2001 founded a music factory, the first digital recording studio in Italy that just celebrated 20 years anniversary, named Start Studios and worked and collaborated with many artists or talented producers in 20 years of career.

From 2010 to 2017, started to to work as artist/sound-designer, was in charge of the production and post-production audio in 8 languages of the permanent museum installations of Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano: “Le Domus Romanae” di Palazzo Valentini, “The Forum of Augustus”, “The Forum of Caesar” and the 3D show “Welcome to Rome”.

From 2017 starts a new solo project “The Astronut” as contemporary artist and perfprmer exploring through the Sound Art and the 3D grafic animation different type of digital media including immersive audio or video installation, NFTs, VR and AR installations this are my last exhibitions:

  • Nothing Personal - The Sound Garden 2022 (Augmented Reality Metaverse - Sound Art Spatial Audio) Winner “Mitologie Digitali” Prize Views in Museo del Tessuto Prato (Po) and Contemporary Art Museum Taizhou China
  • On The Other Side 2022 (Digital Photography - Fire - Woodframe) Finalist on Premio Fondazione Amedeo Modigliani - Views in Villa Tuscolana (Fr) Prize Exhibition
  • Singularity 2022 (Digital Video Art) Winner on Miami New Media Festival Views in Centro Studi Americani Rome and Palazzo Michiel Venice
  • Moire 2022 (Sound/Video Art) Views in Arte Oltre (Schio) exhibition MUTazioni:dall’Oscurità alla Luce
  • On The Other Side 2022 (Digital Photography - Fire - Woodframe) Views in Galleria/Galleria Via della Sapienza 71 Ortona (CH) Exodus Exhibition
  • Nothing Personal 5h cut (n.5 NFT’s Binaural Sound Art - 360 Digital Video) Views European Digital Art Fair - VArt
  • Sapiens Homini Lupus 2022 (Public Art installation Painting - Stencil - Engraving - Poster Art) “Street Art For Rights” installed in 49 Selinunte St., Quadraro, Rome
  • Nothing Personal - The Temple of Grace 2021 (10h Atmos physical installation - Sound Art’s Musical), Views Palazzo Doria Pamphili San Martino al Cimino (VT, Rome - Italy) “99Arts” Exhibition
  • The Lair 2021 (NFT Digital Photography) Views
  • Nothing Personal 24h - The Musical 2021 (Binaural Sound Art performance - 360 VR Metaverse Installation) Views The Open Box Milan gallery solo Exhibition
  • 52 Eyes 2021 (Metaverse NFT’s with Interactive Digital Objests) Views
  • Asomatic Era 2020 (Digital Video Art) Views Chiostro Via Margutta Roma “Identity on Stake” Exhibition
  • Kimono Tales 2018 (Ligth sign - Digital Video - Sound Art installations) Views Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, Fotofever Fair
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