Ambra Graziani

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Ambra Graziani was born in Grottaferrata in 1958. Since 1983 she has freelanced in the field of restoration, specializing primarily in gold and silver gilding and antique lacquering. 

Her classical training, her use of traditional materials/techniques and her over 40 year-long professional career, have all contributed to solidify her meticulous and mindful approach to artistic research. Her lifelong passion for diverse art forms, led her to the world of ceramics in 2018.  

Clay is merely the starting point for shaping and creating extensions of reality that lie midway between the earth and the sky. Through the practice of an ancient Japanese restoration technique, Kintsugi, her experimentation focuses on breakage, how it borders on reality and metaphor; she creates golden seams with pure gold dust. The act of mending cracks in a material object, not only restores its shape, but it also highlights the unique fragility of the object. 

  As an explorer of emotions and moods, she dedicates part of her professional activity to the development of educational techniques for children. In her work at a children’s school in Rome, “Il mondo dei bambini”, her approach has been to send children off on an instinctive-artistic pathway aimed at both individual and group sensorial experiences. Currently, she volunteers in the project “VIVA–IO”, part of “Agricoltura Sociale Capodarco di Grottaferrata”. Her role in this project is to support vulnerable human beings through communal work and caring for plants.  

In the field of restoration, she claims many prestigious collaborations in both public and private  realms. Amongst these are: “Galleria antiquaria Carlucci-Lafuenti (Rome); “Gruppo Bernardini marmi” (Dubai), gold gilding on marble; “Museo di Catanzro e Santa Severina” – “Impresa Aba Muleo”, restoration of metals and ceramics on display; “Galleria Gasparrini”, (Rome);”Impresa Maria Schiaffini” (Avignone), decoration and lacquering of furnishings; “impresa Colasanti mobili d’arte (Rome), gold gilding and lacquering of antique furnishings. 

 Her leading ceramic exhibitions include: 

“Ombra e Luce” (2021), an exhibit of photography, ceramics and sculpture, “Galleria Arca di Noesis” (Rome); “Arte e Psiche, La Rivolta del Pensiero per Immagini”, the 10th edition of “per Appiam ‘21”, at the “Cartiera Latina, Sala Nagasawa” (Rome), organized by the Onlus (non profit organization) “Ipazia Immaginepensiero”; “Liberum es-arte in omaggio” (2021), “Galleria Arca di Noesis” (Rome), organized by the association “Il Tempo delle donne”, a group exhibition of painting, ceramics and photography; “Tra Terra e Cielo” (2020), “Sala d’arte S. Emidio (Cervara di Roma) a personal exhibition of ceramics and painting; “Zona di Conforto (2019), “Studio 110” (Rome), personal exhibition of ceramics, painting and photography. 

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Between earth and sky