Dario Calì

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Born in 1964 in Rome where I live and work.

Graduated in 1982 at the IV Alessandro Caravillani State Art School, Rome

I have been working as an illustrator since 1989 in the publishing and communication sector. I have designed various children's books for Italian and Spanish publishers, but also many illustrations for geographical and historical atlases, editorial magazines, and in many other aspects of communication. I also made several vinyl and music CD covers for underground record companies and emerging bands.

In 2010 I transformed my studio into a workshop open to the public, here I paint, exhibit and sell my works.

I paint mainly with watercolors and acrylics, but I also dedicate myself to digital art.

Having the studio in the tourist area of the city I mostly paint Rome with its famous monuments, life in the picturesque alleys of Trastevere, but there are also paintings of wild animals as a subject or musicians. In digital I produce my personal modern reinterpretation of Greco-Roman mythology: divinities, fantastic animals, episodes from the works of Ovid and Homer.

Since 2010 my works have been on permanent display in my workshop in Vicolo del Piede 18 in the heart of Trastevere and since 2017 I have begun to participate in various group exhibitions, such as:

August 22 - September 3collective exhibition "Roma in 100 centimetri quadri" - gallery: il Laboratorio - Rome

August 23 - September 17 - collective exhibition "Roma in 100 centimetri quadri" - gallery: il Laboratorio - Rome

August 23 - September 9 - collective exhibition "Roma in 100 centimetri quadri" - gallery: il Laboratorio - Rome

March 21-28 -  International Art collective exhibition "L’Arte senza frontiere - Villa Policreti - Aviano - cause COVID emergency it was postponed in June 2021. 
July 13-23 - collective exhibition "Roma in 100 centimetri quadri" - gallery: Spazio 40 - Rome

January 23-25 collective exhibitionRetrato” - Gallery: Prado Goyart Madrid – Madrid.

January 19-31 collective exhibitionViola” – Gallery: Spazio 40 – Rome
January 30 /February 3 collective exhibitionla Donna e il Cosmo” – Gallery: il Laboratorio – Rome
May 5-27 - "Pro Biennale" - Scuola Grande di San Teodoro - Venice
May 30 - June 22 - "Premio Canaletto" - Spoleto Pavillon - Venice
July 12-21 - collective exhibition "Visioni Surreali" - SC-artgallery - Rome
July 26 - 19 Agosto - "Premio Modigliani" - Palazzo Leti Sansi - Spoleto
September 16-22 - collective exhibition "All'ombra del Cedro" - Palazzo Velli - Roma
November 9-29 - "tra Sacro e Profano" - Museo Crocetti - Rome

February 23-25collective exhibition “Love is” - Galleria Spazio 40 – Rome
April 12-15 - collective exhibition “Aria, Acqua, Fuoco, Terra” - Calidarium Gallery – Rome
June 19 / July 3 collective exhibition “Roma in cento centimetri quadri” - Galleria Spazio 40 – Rome
July 15-31 collective exhibition in Parco d’Arte Alt Art – Rende (CS)
July31 / August 4collective exhibition “Anima Mundi Experientia – Galleria il Laboratorio – Rome
August 18-25collective exhibition “Manifesta, Palermo Capitale della Cultura 2018” – Mamo Gallery – Palermo
October 22-27 – collettiva “Art Market”(settimana RAW) – Calidarium Gallery – Rome
December 13-31collective exhibition “Magical Christmas” - Numen Concept Space – Rome

April 1-2collective exhibition "POP Vision il colore ci salverà" Domus Romana - Rome
April 29-30 collective exhibition “Il Cadavere Squisito” - Tag Gallery - Rome
May 25-31collective exhibition “Lightness of being” - Domus Romana – Rome
June 6-19 collective exhibition “Roma in cento centimetri quadri” - gallery Spazio 40 – Rome
July 4 collective exhibition mail art “Punk’s not dead” - Domus Romana - Rome
September 4-10 collective exhibition “Choosing Colors” - Domus Romana – Rome
September 25 / October 1 - collective exhibition “Choosing Colors” - Daphne Batheau Gallery – Paris

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the Colosseum seen from the Arch of Titus
the Colosseum seen from the Arch of Titus
Vicolo del Piede - Trastevere