Valentina Piraino

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He obtained an Academic Diploma from the National Academy of Dance, continued his artistic studies by graduating in History of Art at Sapienza, University of Rome. She is interested in meeting the various artistic, dance, plastic and visual forms, pursuing a holistic vision of making art. He deepens his studies on artistic technique and in particular on ceramic creations, also attending the Nicola Zabaglia School of Art and Crafts and S. Giacomo Ornamental Arts in Rome.
At the Baruchello Foundation he also attends internships for the Course of Studies in Historical and Artistic Sciences, address as Curator of Artistic and Cultural Events and internships aimed at the work of the press office; participates in the meetings on the occasion of Cultural Movements Festival of Museums, Libraries, Archives organized by the Department of Culture, Entertainment and Sport of the Lazio Region, Superintendence of Library Heritage with the theme "Dislocations. art to tell the landscape ".
He also attended the University-Museum shared training internship at the MAXXI Museum, Education Department, concluding with the development of an educational project aimed at teaching the artistic work of Clemens von Wedemeyer.
Take part in the Ecomusiclab workshop, to build musical instruments with children through Creative recycling at the pavilion of the Education Department, Maxxi. In the dance sector he participates among others in stages held by Denis Ganio, Zarko Prebil, Moses Pendleton, choreographer of Momix, Betty Jones and Fritz Ludin. Study with teachers Tuccio Rigano, Vinicio Mainini, Victor Litvinov, Cristina Amodio, Andrei Fedotov, Fara Grieco, Erwan Strauss, Alexandre Stepkine.
He works with the National Ballet Company directed by Tuccio Rigano, with the Operastage Company of Ruggero Bogani and participates in the performances of the Pergine Spettacolo Aperto festival with the American choreographer Elisa Monte, principal dancer of the Martha Graham company. She works with the Il Cilindro Company directed by Pino Cormani and as a dancer and choreographer at the I Ridikulus theater company.
Thanks to her academic qualifications, she also dedicates herself to teaching ballet and modern dance. He is Director of Teatri di Luna ASD APS.


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