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Alessandro Malaguti was born in 1977 and he lives in a small town in Emilia. When he was young, he enters the world of photography and after various approaches he finds his ispiration in travel photography making it a real passion. During his travels around the world, Malaguti is interested in discovering different cultures capturing those moments of daily life that, even if similar to ours, are carried out in a unique and particular way. Entering into empathy with various ethnic groups, in full respect of people and their customs, he menages to capture emotions, looks and traditions. His purpose, beyond that of transmitting the beauty of cultural diversity, is also the artistic and emotional value of every shot.


- 2nd place, TTA competition (Travel Tales Awards) 2022

- Exhibition at travel World Pics at Aranciaia of the Reggia of Colorno (Parma), during the event Colorno Photo Life 26 August - 24 September

- Final stage of judging, HIPA competition (Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award) "Nature" 2021-2022, season 11. Selected among over 500.000 entries and among professional and non-professional photographers, from 205 countries around the world.

- Selecterd among the 50 best projects, TTA competition (Travel Tales Awards) 2022

- 2nd place, MIFA competition (Moscow International Foto Awards) 2022 category: people/culture

- Particular Merit Mention, All About Photo Awards competition 2022 

- Exhibition at IPA Best of Show 2021 at House of Lucie, Budapest 29 April - 24 June 2022

- Publication on website National Geographic 2022, La Mia Foto,

- 3rd place, TIFA competition (Tokyo International Foto Awards) 2021, category: people/culture

- Official Selection, TIFA competition (Tokyo International Foto Awards) 2021

- Honorable Mention, BIFA competition (Budapest International Foto Awards) 2021, category: advertising, travel/tourism

- Selected in the IPA competition (International Photo Awards) 2021, Jury Top 5 Selection and Best of Show (selection of the best images of the competition)

- 1st place, IPA competition (International Photo Awards) 2021, category: special, travel/wanderlust

- Honorable Mention, PX3 competition (Prix de la Photographie Paris) 2021

- Finalist, The Independent Photographer competition, "Emerging talent awards" 2021

- Final stage, SIPA competition (Siena International Photo Awards) 2021

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In the Yamal Peninsula, in this frozen wasteland, over a thousand years ago Nenets settled, reindeer herders, leading a nomadic life to the limit of the bearable. Nenets live in the chum, which is the name of their reindeer skin tents, that they disassemble and reassemble during migrations looking for mosses and lichens which reindeer feed on. Although many of them carry on ancient traditions, over the years fewer and fewer decide to stay. Young people who have the opportunity to study in the city, hardly miss to return to live in the tundra.
Nenets, a nomadic people who breed reindeer in the Siberian tundra,  in winter, when the temperature drop down to -50°, they move on sledges pulled by reindeer following ancient arctic routes looking for mosses and lichens which reindeer feed on. In this transhumance Nenets travel about 1200 kilometers each year, making it one of the longest in the world.
This is a young girl belonging to the Nenet ethnic group. Nenets, to shelter from the cold, dress in reindeer skins, warm and heavy. Women can wear arctic fox fur hats.
Nenets children usually play outside their tends with their “domestic” reindeer. During the day the temperature outdoor is about - 30°. It was really surprising to see how spontaneous they are. They easily have fun and they can turn ordinary objects out in toys for their amusement.