Raffaele Marino

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Raffaele Marino was born in 1975 in Rome.
He lives and works in Trastevere - Rome. Graduated in Political Science, he is a professional photographer, radio and TV author, Art Director of Maxim Italia, communications manager of Fortune Italia and author of the books: Aula XI (Curcio publisher), Aldo Moro is alive! (Ponte Sisto editions).

He signed the covers of the first four issues of Fortune Italia magazine.
He conceived the cover of Maria Elena Boschi on Maxim Italia, made by Oliviero Toscani.
Designed and created the cover by Ludovica Pagani and Madalina Ghenea on Maxim Italia.
Made the cover of Milano Tomorrow...



2020_borderlessbeauty CAS Ciampino
Galleria Howtan Space – Via dell’Arco de’ Ginnasi 5, Roma

2015_Que carita!
Mate Via Benedetta 17, Roma


Ansa, Fortune Italia, Maxim Italia, Lonely Planet Italia magazine, Corriere della Sera, La Verità, Repubblica, Milano Tomorrow, TV Boy Uno nessuno centomila (book)...

TV Boy - Street artist in action
the loneliness of the peel
Roger Federer
Ludovica Pagani - Maxim Italia cover
Doll Hospital - Lisbon