Philippe Seigle

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The Art of Philippe Seigle.

For visual explorations of the soul and mind, the multifaceted painter, Philippe Seigle has ventured to expand his artistic vision by immersing himself in traveling. With more than 50 years of traveling, Seigle’s passion for traveling and what it has to offer, manifests itself boldly in his works; vibrant colors, dynamic chemistry, and playful iconography. "I traveled around the world” remarks the artist, “and today my paintings allow me to go even further and invent other horizons.”As a creator, Seigle spends his energy and time with aplomb when working on his paintings, and in doing so, he captures the attention of the spectator. By provoking challenges and commitments to explore his experiences, Seigle invites his viewer to refresh their minds what is past and seeks to welcome a bold new future. One which has immense flexibility because it carries within itself the spirit of enteral youth. In his presentations, he incorporates elements, portraits and symbols, all reverting back to his passion and the expansive spirituality that guides both his brush and himself as a traveler.With various experiences in the global market, Seigle has exhibited across Europe, Seigle has also exhibited in Casablanca in Morocco as well as two solo exhibitions in Brazil, where his colorful art has received excellent feedback from the local and international community. Having recently exhibited in Side By Side: La Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Seigle’s works will be entering the market in the U.S where he is represented in New York by Saphira & Ventura Gallery and also expanding to other cities both in the US and also in Asia, Roma, Athens, and soon Germany Miami Istanbul
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