Maura Prosperi

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Maura Prosperi was born in Pescara in 1996. She moved to Rome and in 2021 graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts. She currently works as a ceramic decorator at the artist Coralla Maiuri in Rome. She has studio in the spaces of Fondamenta Gallery (Via Arnaldo Fraccaroli, 9, RM).

In 2019, she won a scholarship for collaboration in painting, becoming an assistant to professor and artist Vincenzo Scolamiero.
She carries out the internship as a cultural mediator for the work "Add Color (Refugee Boat)" by Yoko Ono, at the MAXXI Museum in Rome. In the same year she again wins the scholarship for collaboration in painting. He takes the performance art course with artist and teacher Myriam Laplante.

In 2020 she takes part in the 22nd Edition of the International Multimedial Art Festival- IMAF2020, at the SULUV Gallery in Novi Sad (Serbia). She will also be selected the following year for the 23rd Edition of IMAF2021.



> SULUV Gallery, IMAF 2021
(Odzaci and Novi Sad, Serbia)
30/08 - 05/09/21

> BAG Biennial Sino-Italian Young Art, "La Terra Quieta" 12/07 - 12/08/2021

> Lazio Region finalist of "Polveri delle Periferie," in collaboration with MArte Live 2021


> SULUV Gallery, IMAF 2020 (Novi Sad, Serbia)


> Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna (Pescara, Italy) "POPCON"


> Foundation Shoah Museum (Rome) "Le Sedie Vuote"

> Atelier Montez (Rome) "L'Arte Mette a Nudo."

> Museum of Modern Art Vittoria Colonna (Pescara) "Save Biennale"

Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su
Intravisione_ Sottobosco 2022 Mixed media on syntetic transparent glass
Idrometeora #1, #2, #3_2022 Silicon, led, plastics, glitters
Surface Breath_Installation 2021, Variable sizes, acrylic on transparent Plexiglass
Apnea_Installation 2021, Acrylic on transparent synthetic glass panels 52x52x7cm