Fabiola Poleggi

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Fabiola “Lola” Poleggi – Biografia:

Born in Rome, began study Art 'till really young specializing in Visual Design in an artistic high school and then elaborate better, studing illustration by Scuola Internazionale di Comics, and starts to work as an illustrator.

At the same time and subsequently she started to work also as an Artistic and Medical Tattooer by some Tattoo shops in Rome.

Her studies about Tattooing are deeply linked to the sacraments, and rites of passage.

Drawing on skin then, is not only a decoration, but mainly about an emotional dimension. It's clearly visible so, in her work, a big capacity of comprensation and elaboration.

Personal experiences and thoughs like the sensible world became links in wich develops her personal vision.

She actually works both in Tattoo design, and Street Art (permitted) joining at many events in Rome.

In her vision, we can clearly see a connection by bodies and citylife, both cases of stories expressed on skin, like on walls.






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