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Egle Scerelli, known by her stage name Scegle, was born in Annone di Brianza (Italy). She graduated at the Art School of Monza (Milan), which introduced her to the knowledge of drawing and painting. In her artistic career she attended the studios of various painters, deepening the study of figure drawing. The figure, in particular the human one, represents the main basis of the artist's continuous research.
She uses mixed media on canvas, in a complex chromatic journey that expresses her own spiritual strength. Scegle's paintings are compositions of rich creativity with inserts of various materials: fabric, metal, glass. During her design process, materials, signs and the support canvas all come together materialising the internal world of the painter.
Scegle's latest research has focused on the colour white; the painter proposes a series of works where white is dominant and the presence of other colours is managed in refined contaminations with the use of different materials.
Scegle had many successful exhibitions over the last years, both solo and collective: from Milan to Ferrara, from Rome to the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, from Lecco to Turin, from London to Mézières-en- Brenne in France, from Cremona to Treviso, always looking for new and interesting content to propose to her audience.


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