Yuriko Damiani

Yuriko Damiani was born in Rome to a Japanese mother, a painter and teacher of porcelain decoration, and an Italian father, a profound connoisseur of the culture of the Rising Sun.

In 1999 she founded the DCube chain of furniture stores, which soon became a reference point for design in central northern Italy. Fundamental to his artistic path is the extraordinary work experience in 1997 in Tokyo in the studio of Architect Yoshinobu Ashihara contributing to the design of the Symphony Hall in Kanazawa (Japan). During this experience he understands the importance of the balances between "solids" and "voids" typical of Japanese art fundamental in his art. In 2009 he gives a lecture during the Symposium on Led Lighting at the Kyoto Faculty of Architecture.

The first appearance in the world of porcelain takes place in 2014 in Milan during the International XIII Convention Azzurra, where he receives the Honarable Mention for the work presented White Parrot Vase and later in 2016 with Colorful Butterfly Vase. Also in 2016, he published the book Fables of Porcelain published by Gangemi Editore.

In 2017, 2018 and 2021 she participated in the Italia Show Convention in San Giorgio Canavese, Turin, as a juror. In 2019, she decided to submit to the competition, ranking third with her work The Sun and the Moon.

In 2019, 2020, 2021 she creates, for La Pecora Nera Editore, the plaques for the awarding of the best restaurants in Rome, Milan and Turin.

In 2021 she realizes, on commission from Pallini SpA, the largest Porcelain Limoncello Bottle in the world, 68 cm high with a capacity of 5 lt.

In 2022 she creates, again for La Pecora Nera Editore, the Evoluzione 2022 Special Award on the occasion of the Evoluzione 2022 event dedicated to quality extra virgin olive oil.

She is the inventor of the "Under Gold and Ancient Japanese Gold" technique for which she is called upon to do demonstrations and seminars throughout Italy.

Recent Exhibitions: 2022 - Waves of Weaving, Domus Art Gallery, Athens, Greece; 2021 - The Enchantment of Porcelain between East and West, Spanish Fortress, Porto Santo Stefano, Monte Argentario (solo show); 2021 - The Enchantment of Porcelain between East and West, Roseto meets Japan 2nd edition, Lido Celommi, Roseto degli Abruzzi (solo show); 2021 - Amabie, The Magical Prophecy of Yōkai, Mo.C.A. Studio Gallery, Rome (two-person show); 2020 - The Instant in a Sign, SpazioCima Gallery, Rome (solo show); 2019 - Oriental Alchemy, SpazioCima Gallery, Rome (two-person show); The Gold of the Rising Sun on the Silver Coast, Forte Stella, Monte Argentario (solo show); A Golden Rising Sun on the Venice Lido, Japan Week - Venice Film Festival, Hotel Excelsior, Venice (solo show); 2018 - Gold Affaire, SpazioCima gallery, Rome (two-person show); 2017, Fables of Porcelain, SpazioCima gallery, Rome (two-person show); Micro Visual Arts, Rome.

Recent collaborations and commissions include: Uto Ughi, Cartier, Pallini SpA, La Pecora Nera Editore as well as many private clients.

Porcelain vase “The woman in the dunes

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