Giusy Lauriola

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Giusy Lauriola is a visual artist born in Rome, where she lives and works. As part of the SyArt Sorrento International Festival, she was awarded the Arbiter Fata Verde 2021 Prize for her interesting and valuable artistic research and was given the front cover with an interview in the April 2022 issue of Arbiter magazine. She also received a special mention, Honourable Mention, from the Circle Foundation for the Arts 2020 and 2022; she was a finalist in the Premio Lupa 2020 and the Premio Celeste 2007 and, in 2015, she was the winner of the Museo Pier Maria Rossi competition. Her works can be found in the Copelouzos Family Art Museum in Athens, the Art Collection of SanPaolo Invest in Rome and other international private collections. She has also participated in the Rome Art in Nuvola, Genoa, Padua and Parma Contenporanea Art Fairs. She is featured in the 2020 edition of the De Agostini Atlas of Contemporary Art, the most comprehensive review of Italian artists from 1950 to the present day. In 2006 she was invited to exhibit as honour guest at the International Photo Festival in Lodz (Poland) and in 2010 at the Italian Cultural Institute in Damascus (Syria) with her solo exhibition Urban Visions in Progress and at the International Symposium in Idlib (Syria) organised by the Syrian Ministry of Culture.


Resin is a constant in the production of Lauriola, who over the years has developed a technique centred on the chromatic and structural relationship between liquid matter, pigments and the sign line. The latter is sometimes embodied in figures with liquid strokes, deliberately distant from a didactic figurative style, over time losing all tangency with a mimetic realism to reach pure abstraction. Thus, the protagonists of her works are colour and light, symbols of the intimate dimension and the sign that, when present, lives in a timeless and metaphysical extension in which the idea of the past and the oneiric dimension become dominant feelings.


In 2004 her first exhibition. Recent exhibitions include: 2022 - Artistic residence and exhibition Greetings from Athens - Athens - curated by Manuela De Leonardis - Prendiamo il sentiero paludoso per arrivare alle nuvole - Galleria Umberto Mastroianni in the Complesso Monumentale del Pio Sodalizio dei Picieni - Rome curated by Federica Di Stefano; - 2021 - Fiera Roma Arte in Nuvola with SpazioCima at the Nuvola di Fuksas Roma - International SyArt Festival Sorrento, Villa Fiorentino - Sorrento Foundation; realisation of the illustrated plates for the editorial project "Guido Levi, una storia piena di Paure, di ansie e di avvenimenti quasi gialli" curated by Manuela De Leonardis; - Amabie, La Magica Profezia dello Yōkai, Mo. C.A. Studio Gallery, Rome; 2020 - Perimetro Infinito, SpazioCima Gallery, Rome; 2019 - Domino/Dominio per gioco e per davvero, MACRO - museum of contemporary art, Rome; About Dreams, Mo.C.A Studio Gallery, Rome; Apolidi/identità non disperserse, Palazzo Merulana, Rome



Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su
QUELLO STRANO CONFINE TRA CIELO E TERRA 100x170x3,5 cm mixed technique with resin  on canwas
WHICH COLOUR IS YOURS? 00x170 x3,5 cm  mixed technique with resin resina  on canvas
LA NATURA SUSSURRA IL SUO DOLCE PROFUMO 100X170X3,5 cm mixed techinique with resin on cancas
OUR DAIMONS   100X150X3,5 cm mixed technique with resin on canvas