Valentina De Martini

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Valentina De Martini was born in Rome in 1963 where she currently lives and works.
She graduated in 1986 from the IED in Fashion and Jewelery Design.

After working several years with Franco Montanarini Fontana, her interest in color and fabric prints led her to London at the Leonard Pardon’s School of Decoration where she studied and deepened her knowledge in decorative arts.

Back in Rome with a wide personal and profession- al background, she dedicated herself to interior decoration for about 13 years, refining the sense of color, shape and space. As a decorator she is lucky enough to participate in the restoration of many important buildings by looking closely at the wonderful frescoes made by masters of the past. With this spirit Valentina approaches painting, not without deep fear, feeling the need to combine the experiences of the past and find her own style, free from the influence of the market.

2002 was the turning point. She abandons decoration to devote herself exclusively to the creation of a long series of paintings with a personal style that aims to combine the language of fashion and emotions through colors.

The success of both sales and popularity of her works leads her to continue with the same format and the same subject for many years until the desire to get out of that “golden prison” becomes a vital requirement.

An almost total detachment from painting is therefore mandatory in the period from 2014 to 2019, years in which Valentina retires to live in the countryside among the roses.

In January 2020 with his eyes full of colors she returns to Rome in her studio, ready to embark on her new artistic path made of animals painted on large canvases with a thousand shades.

From 2021 she expands hesr artistic path by confronting the theme of the sea, animals and human being in the presence of its vastness.


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elefante rosa - olio su tela - cm. 240 x 200
deep water 4 - olio su tela - cm. 180 x 140