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I'm 57. I live between Rome and the medieval village of the Abbey of Fossanova (Lt) where I have been working for years as a painter and event organizer. I love Fossanova as well as life and art, for this reason I gave birth to “ CAMERE D’ARIA” : first edition of collective exibition ( 28-30 October 22 ) in which contemporary art meets old plasters in the ancient family homes that make up the village : an artist, a theme in every room to dialogue with time in a harmonious or provocative way to witness the importance of the past in every renewal . The houses will be animated by the presence of artists and by the screening on walls of suggestive footage on the history of these places . 12 artists present with me including Marco Ferri, Manuela Carrano, Letizia Taliani De Marchio, Antonio De Nardis, Giovanni Trimani, PierPaolo Martinelli, Francesco Ciabatti and Barbara Lo Faro. Curator : Velia Littera with Pavart gallery-Rome For 10 years since my 18 years I have designed my fashion collections “squares and stripes” on Rome. For 7 years then I created and designed furniture objects for an art shop “Cose di village” in Fossanova. I devote myself to painting, whose techniques I have consolidated at the art school “La Campanella ” by Piero Alegiani with the master Mauro Iori. I exhibited in several collective exhibitions at the school and participated in the collective work of Mauro Iori for the redevelopment of the meeting room at the Louiss University in Rome. Acrylic and oil technique experiment and use materials on different supports: canvas, wood, paper, often using collage, sewing and mixed assembly techniques to finally touch the digital Sent strong the call for intimate atmospheres, inanimate objects, uninhabited interior views, people stalling in escaping moments, still image of dives and jumps: instants in which thoughts remain eternal. I tend to recover materials and overlap techniques and layers, filter colors and return through the layers of the works, the moods that move me. Exhibitions : -May 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 -collective exhibitions "Atelier The school of the bell -October 2020 ScatolaMe: Personal  exhibition: - MicroArtiVisual gallery by Paola Valori -Roma -Nov 2020- July 2021 : The Teatrini di Lar : collection of paper and iron theatres for historical laboratory Lar lampshades, via del lioncino Roma

-July 23-31 2021- Life beyond plastic – collective exhibition Lecce – liar work - November 21-OL3- from crisis to beauty - collective exhibition space Vertecchi -Via Pietro da Cortona -Rome

- March 8, 22 - I am - collective exhibition Pavart Gallery .

-May 22- Dip and around

Lar -  Leoncino street Rome

-ottobre 22 - CAMERE D'ARIA - borgo medievale di Fossanova (lt) -curator  and artist 


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