Federica Patera + Andrea Sbra Perego

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Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego, namely tying literature and art with a thread. Their collaboration combines both experiences in a common work, with the intention of being a bridge, a confluence of the two disciplines.
Andrea, Bergamo 1982, lives and works in Turin. He mainly focuses on painting, but his experiences range from photography to video, from sculpture to installation. His artistic research feeds on travels and experiences aimed to investigate the close relationship between human and the surrounding environment. Man is the leading actor in the interaction with the urban space, the place he stay is always humanized, and is a witness to the conditioning that society contributes to nature.
Federica, Bergamo 1982, lives in Turin. Her study focuses on the concepts of translation and eternity, to tell and understand how reality is built, tracing in it what remains unchanged, and therefore does not fall into categories neither spatial or chronological, but uses them to manifest. The use of fixed languages and sacred texts, which evade the historical method, are the means to carry out an overcoming of the individual sphere. The intent is to bring attention back to universal language. The writing and the fabric are her work tools.
The duo was officially born in 2017 with the RAR project, which focuses on value of the analogy in literature.  At the heart of their investigation is the dynamic that leads reading to become writing, and the other way around the user to become an exhibitor, mixing roles.
The exchange that is established guarantees the transmission, that it goes beyond repetition and finds its completion in transformation. In RAR, eternity of a work is measured in its ability to be a perennially fruitful, heralding basin of understanding and intuition.
In 2021, they founded DRIM | Contemporary art ground, an artist run space in the heart of Turin, where, in the first year of activity, they managed, curated and sponsored various exhibition of emerging, national and international artists.




January 2023 – Group show; Ivy Brown Gallery, New York (USA)
January 2023 – Fiberstorming, curated by Barbara Pavan; former University, Bergamo (IT)
October 2022 – Art Verona fair, with Manuel Zoia Gallery, Verona (IT)
October 2022 – The Soft Revolution, curated by Barbara Pavan; Textile Museum, Busto Arsizio (IT)


May 2022 – Tĕxere, curated by Barbara Pavan and Susanna Cati; SCD Textile and art studio, Perugia (IT)
April 2022 – Extended version; Raffaella De Chirico arte contemporanea, Turin (IT)
October 2021 – Note senza testo, curated by Cristina Cuttica; Manuel Zoia gallery, Verona (IT)
September 2021 – (La) Natura (è) morta – 80 edition Cramum prize, curated by Sabino Maria Frassà;
Villa Mirabello, Milano (IT)
January 2021 – WOP Art Fair; Raffaella De Chirico arte contemporanea, Lugano (CH)
December 2020 – RAR: 2015 – 2020; Raffaella De Chirico arte contemporanea, Turin (IT)
May 2019 – Here; Cavalerizza Reale, Turin (IT)
October 2018 – RAR: mappe letterarie, catalogue presentation; Bookshop Bodoni-Spazio B, Turin (IT)
June 2018 – RAR: mappe letterarie, catalogue presentation; Colibrì library, Milan (IT)
November 2017 – Paesaggio immaginale; Raffaella De Chirico arte contemporanea, Turin (IT)




2018 – 2019 Biblical and Modern Hebrew course, University of Turin
2018 – 2019 Sanskrit course, University of Turin
july – aug 2009 English Language course, Rennert School, New York
2007 – 2009 Two-year Master in Storytelling Techniques, Holden School of Turin
2004 – 2008 Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and Criticism in
Contemporary Italy, University of Milan


From 2010 to 2018 – publishing and cultural events, press office and sales manager for Codice
edizioni, Codice. Idee per la cultura, Edizioni BD, LiberAria.


2021 – Choices, group show; Raffaella De Chirico arte contemporanea, Milan
2020 – Levenim. La creazione dei dettagli לבנים , solo show; Raffaella De Chirico arte
contemporanea, Turin


LAST Magazine, co-founder, launch number 0 in December 2021: paper magazine on gender
identity, body positivity, sex education and pleasure.
Publications in literary magazines since 2015
Articles about the RAR project that appeared in La Balena Bianca magazine – Article titles
Aspettando i naufraghi nella lettura de Gli imperdonabili
Come si costruisce RAR
RAR: mappe e parole
Se io scrivessi un libro: Markson/Wittgenstein
Il fiore di Lerner
La frammentarietà di Giordano Tedoldi
Publication in other literary magazines (list of mags in alphabetical order):
Bandito; Cadillac; Colla; La Nuova Verde; L’Inquieto; Narrandom; Radio Busta; Rivista Letteraria;
Novel in reading at a literary agency.




2001 – 2005 Fine art academy of Brera, Milano
1996 – 2000 Art school Giovanni Manzoni, Bergamo


2021 – So far, so close; Raffaella De Chirico arte contemporanea, Bergamo
2018 – Deep Surfaces; Name1 London Art Gallery, Chateu Gutsch, Luzern
2017 – Crossroads; Federica Morandi Art Project, Milan
2016 – Man through the cites, curated by Francesca Canfora; Hotel TownHouse 70, Turin
2015 – Torri vs Perego; Mazzoleni Foundation, Bergamo
2014 – BioGrafazio; 77 Art Gallery, Milan
2014 – Oroccoccoro Culinary Poster Presentation; Bank restaurant Westminster, London
2013 – Drop in London; BCA Architects, London


2021 – Summer of expectations; Raffaella De Chirico arte contemporanea, Turin
2020 – Robotic Man; Independent Artists Gallery, Varese
2019 – Urban People / Artificial Landscape; Atelier Numas Igra, Basel
2019 – Urban People; Independent Artists Gallery, Varese
2017 – From Milan To Osaka, A bridge of feelings to discover the self; Italian Institute of Culture, Osaka
2017 – Nuova officina torinese; MAU Urban art museum, Turin
2015 – Man in the city; Independent Artists gallery, Milan
2015 – Oroccoccoro in Berlin; Werk Kunst Galerie, Berlin
2014 – Urban Art, Immaginario Suburbano; Artepassante, Milan
2014 – Unpainted World; ArtMeet Gallery, Milan
2014 – Index; Hide Gallery, London
2014 – Linguaggi del corpo; 77 Art Gallery, Milan
2013 – Behind the images; Gallery on the corner, London


2019 – Art Market Budapest; Name 1 London Art Gallery
2019 – Frame Art Fair Basel; Name 1 London Art Gallery
2018 – Luxemburg Art Fair; Independent Artists Gallery
2018 – Rhy Art Fair Basel; Name 1 London Art Gallery


2019 – Art Akwani; Bazaleti lake, Georgia
2018 – SMD Art Foundation, Bramaputra river art festival; Guwahati, Assam, India
2017 – Zenith Art and Fashion Gallery, Miami, USA
2017 – Ode to life; Petrovic castle, Podgorica, Montenegro


2020 – Mellone art prize, Dario Mellone Foundation, Busto Garolfo, VA (finalist)
2018 – ContemporaneaMENTI, Arsenale Foundation, Iseo BS (finalist, jury mention)
2016 – Io Espongo, Azimut cultural association, Turin (finalist)



April 2022 – Emersioni (group show), curated by Marta Blanchietti – Carola Del Pizzo
November 2021 – Pheri-phéro (group show), curated by Marta Blanchietti – Carola Del Pizzo
October 2021 – Stefano Cescon, From wax till down
September 2021 – Sara Crepaldi, Di carne e di ossa, partecipating in the Outsider art festival
September 2021 – Gianmaria Dellarossa, Hard memories, voglia di dormire e boring
June 2021 – Sky is the limit (group show)
April 2021 – Michele Liuzzi, A confession, the shadow line

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Ar foil stamping on recycled textile fiber (fabric sponsored by Nazena s.r.l.) 130 x 76 x 7 cm 2022
Copertina bianca print on sewed and framed cotton canvas, wool threads, book covered with plaster, pins (fabric sponsored by Texmoda s.r.l.) installation, variable dimensions 2022
Re-connaître foil stamping on recycled fabric from post-consumer recycling of PET bottles, organic cotton, pins (fabric sponsored by Fiscatech s.p.a.) 56 x 74 cm 2022
Del desiderio foil stamping on recycled textile fiber (fabric sponsored by Nazena s.r.l.) 50 x 24 x 8 cm 2022

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