Francesco Paolo Cipullo

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Francesco Paolo Cipullo is an italian artist. He has been painting since he was a child. He was born in the enchanted land of "Magna Grecia" between the ancient city of Paestum and Velia. He fell in love with the world of classic art, captured by it's legends and myths, that he later studied and elaborated on. He pursued his studies at the Accademy of Fine Arts in Rome, where he graduated in Scenography. He then proceded to amplify his knowledge in oil painting, in Neaples. This experience allowed him to learn how to externalize his inner world. His first pictures are inspired by the great masters: still life, portraits, historical and mythological subjects. For a few years he moved back to his hometown. He comes back to Rome, a changed man, also shown in his artistic language. He began using different tecniques inspired by graphic design, illustration and pop culture. Oil, acrylic, collage, watercolours, are only some of the elements of his new style,resulting in new and original artworks. Last but not least he became a collaborative of "Mold", an artistic collective, founded by his dear friends K and Izzy. He still collaborates as a script creator, art director and painter to this day.

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