Simona Gloriani

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Simona Gloriani was born in Rome in 1970. After her graduation from the liceo artistico, an Artistic Highschool, she continues her studies at the atelier of the professor of painting techniques Moreno Bondi and in free art classes at the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA).

At the beginning of her career, her steadily evolving interests focus on the study of the human body and its interaction with the soul’s most hidden corners. At this stage she creates decontextualized paintings, featuring women belonging to an undefined point of time or to imaginary places.

Later, her attention is captured by the theme of water as a symbol of transformation and evolution. In that period, Simona studies in her series of paintings “Liquid and Solid” the port life, its docks, the fishing vessels and boathouses in their most battered shapes.

The artist’s curiosity then evolves around the concept of ‘artificial constructions’, their use and abandonment, around wastefulness and pollution. Antennas, cell towers, abandoned shipyards, anti-pollution vessels become subjects of her artwork that culminate in a sequence of oil barrels and oil platforms. “Her reference to the pollution caused by the barrels draws attention to the importance of shedding the light on the severe state we live in” (cit. Rosario Sprovieri).

Gloriani’s works show a refined pictorial theme that reveals a construction and deconstruction of images, between matter and transparency, rationality and sentimental drive.

After numerous solo and collective art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, in 2017 Gloriani inaugurates her own atelier in Rome’s urban district Garbatella. This studio became her space for art education as well as artistic exhibitions and cultural events.

Main exhibitions

Styles in Comparison’ (‘Stili a Confronto’) at Palazzo Margutta (Rome) - 'THE DIRECTIONS OF ART' (‘LE DIREZIONI DELL’ARTE’) at Taormina Gallery - '1000 Colors' (‘1000 Colori’) at Palazzo Pretorio, Casole D'Elsa – ‘Totem Art’, itinerant exhibition in Rome (Galleries in Via Giulia and Colosseum) – ‘Review International Artists’ (‘Rassegna artisti internazionali’) at Nemi Palazzo Ruspoli – ‘The Garden of Dreams and Desires’ (‘il Giardino dei sogni e dei desideri’) at Palazzo Rispoli Nemi (RM) – ‘RomArt 2015,’ Biennale Fair of Rome – ‘Dislocations’ (‘Dislocazioni’) at Castello Orsini Avezzano – ‘Contemporary Art Exhibition’, Nemi Palazzo Ruspoli (RM) - Solo exhibition 'Solid and Liquid' at gallery ‘Il Laboratorio’ in Trastevere, Rome – ‘Dialogue in the art world’ (‘Dialogo nel mondo dell’Arte’) at Forte Sangallo in Nettuno (RM) – Exhibition at Area Contesa Arte gallery in Via Margutta, Rome – Tripersonal exhibition with Ele-Menti Mix art group at Galleria Monti (Rome) and gallery ‘Il Laboratorio’ (Trastevere Rome) – ‘Mater Mediterranea’ at Mosque of Rome – ‘Encuentros’ at Captaloona Art, Madrid – ‘Cammino Dantesco’ in Ostia Antica – ‘DANTEINALTREARTI’- at Captaloona art, Madrid – ‘XXXIII Edition of Porticato Gaetano’ at Pinacoteca Gaeta – ‘Arte in via’ at MACC, Museo di Arte Contemporanea a  Campagnano – ‘Art as a Universal Language’ (‘L'arte come linguaggio Universale’) at Egyptian Culture Institute – ‘Universo Pasolini’ at COSARTE studio, Rome – ‘PPP for 100 years’ in Soriano nel Cimino - ‘Percorrendo il Dantesco’ in Ostia

She is among the artists nominated and featured in the catalogue at the Biennale Artemisia Reward 2010 and 2012, and winner of the Gutenberg Edizioni publishing house Art Calendar Competition in 2020.




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