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MMA Mixed Minds Art by Francesco Esposito and Felicita Fiorini

MMA Mixed Minds Art is an art project born at the beginning of last year from the interaction of two different disciplines (photography and painting) in the field of visual arts.

A multifaceted project, has seen over time the contamination and implementation of different disciplines deriving from one's profession and experience. The common denominator is the search for new and original artistic forms both digital and manual.

The project was born from the combination of two minds: Francesco Esposito, Art director, 3d artist and photographer, and Felicita Fiorini, artist specialized in pastel painting and construction engineer.

MMA explores, through experimentation, new forms of art expression. Through a continuous search for different styles, produced by emerging contemporary artists or already established on the international scene, MMA develops its own integrated and personal design, which in the process will become a unique work of its kind. The project finds its strength from the interaction of different and complementary application tools: starting from the sketch, we move on to the photo shooting, to the subsequent post-production and processing through CGI (Computer-generated Imagery) and finally it is painted becoming a unique work . With this process, the work leads to the creation of artistic forms at the forefront of the international contemporary arts scenario.

A little over a year of activity, MMA has already obtained the first recognitions and awards from various countries such as New York, Mexico and Florida and in the future intends to expand its scenario with art forms that involve sensory aspects complementary to the visual arts. 


- 28th NATIONAL PASTEL PAINTING EXHIBITION of the Pastel Society of New Mexico year 2020
- Southwest Florida Pastel Society Award 2020


(Albano Laziale, in the province of Rome, 1982) is a professional with a degree in construction engineering and above all an artist, in particular with an intense passion for pastel painting. Since 2017 he has been continuously carrying out activities dedicated to the study of painting, drawing and the creation of the image in general. ACTIVITY': - President of PASIT PASTELLISITI ITALIANI, the only national association of pastel painting in Italy since September 2019. - Together with the creative photographer Francesco Esposito, he manages an artistic project called "MMA Mixed Minds Art" linked to research on visual arts in various forms: starting from the study of the image through previsualization, the realization of the photographic shot up to the execution of the work of art. art, from March 2020. - He has been managing the artistic field since May 2020 at the Cromosoma cultural association in Rome through courses and workshops related to figurative art. AWARDS - MARCHIONNI Award 2018 - Villacidro - International Contemporary Art Award - graphics section - Itinerant Exhibitions award with the work "Prima Vita". - IV edition of CONTEMPORARY PORTRAITS 2018 - Pescara - 1) Artists' Award; 2) Award of the Technical Jury with the work "the Torment". EXHIBITIONS: - V Bienal Internacional de Pintura al Pastel in Spain, Oviedo - March 2020 - with the work "the Silence of Lovers". Collective exhibition. - Visual Arts for Capestrano - July 2019. Collective Exhibition. - Traveling exhibitions: Porto Cervo, Bologna and Urbino 2018-2019 with the work "Prima Vita". - Arteinsieme: international collective - Civitavecchia - 2018 with the work "Ebe". - The Pleasure of Art: figurative art and hyperrealism festival, Civitavecchia - September 2018. - The Pleasure of Art: figurative art and hyperrealism festival, Civitavecchia - September 2017. FORMATION: - Since 2017 he has been attending the "le Muse" art school in Rome - Student of the artist Rubén Belloso Adorned since 2017 - Student of the artist Tina Guerrisi since 2017 - Student of the artist Olga Abramova since 2019 - Student of the artist Giorgio Dante since 2019

FRANCESCO ESPOSITO (Rome, 1981) Art director, 3d artist and photographer, specialized in advertising and advertising photography. He signs campaigns for important clothing brands and companies in the automotive sector. Founder of the photographic and visual arts studio Cromosoma in Rome since 2012. Professor of postproduction, photography and still life. ACTIVITY': - co founder of the photographic studio "Cromosoma" - co founder of the MMA Mixed Minds Art project with the painter Felicita Fiorini - Art director and executor of advertising campaigns ranging from automotive, fashion and food.
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MMA Mixed Minds Art

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