Stefano Fiore

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Stefano Fiore was born in Rome in 1978, in the characteristic working-class neighborhood of "Garbatella." Since adolescence, he has been captivated by art, surrounded by a family of painters, tailors, craftsmen, and typographers where everything was in continuous creation. At a young age, he fell in love with painters such as František Kupka, Paul Klee, and Egon Schiele.

He graduated in Graphic Industry Technician and Graphic Operator from the "Panfilo Castaldi" Institute in Rome, specializing in computer graphics, both 2D and 3D, animated and static. He stumbled into computer art professionally, starting to work in design, advertising, and illustration, seeking every creative stimulus. It was during this period that his passion for vector graphics and pop-inspired illustrations took shape.

Driven by the desire to grow artistically, he immersed himself completely in hyperrealistic digital painting, a phase he would later move away from. He attended courses with master Dylan Cole of Dylan Cole Studios California, famous for his artistic contributions to films such as "The Lord of the Rings," "Daredevil," "Avatar," and "Maleficent." He participated in workshops by Aaron Limonick, Olivier Dubard, Erik Tiemens, and other masters whom he still follows with great respect.

He has participated in group exhibitions throughout Italy and has been interviewed in prestigious international magazines such as "Digital Artist Magazine" in London.

He studied modern and contemporary art and worked as an art curator for numerous national projects as artistic director, curating exhibitions and content for Grifio Art Gallery in Rome and for Muvi Roma – the independent virtual museum of Rome (from 2011 to 2019). He followed various enhancement and training courses with MOMA in New York and Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, increasing his interest in modern, contemporary, and accessible art.

Only in 2017, a chance encounter with artist and art curator Silvano Annibali, an art collector and studio collaborator of renowned artist Renato Mambor, introduced him to fine art printmaking. This new experience opened doors for his current artistic production focused on the creation of fine art lithographs and accessible works. Perhaps influenced by this new perspective on the art market, he decided not to pursue the common pursuit of aesthetic perfection, leaving behind years of techniques, and starting over with a minimalist and conceptual path that distinguishes him today for his abstract geometric and figurative constructivist/deconstructed style.

Today, in his art studio, he continues to create works with multiple artistic languages, both traditional and digital, preferring informal geometric abstracts and figuratives that come to life from a strong neo-cubist inspiration and pre-Columbian art, naturally in a completely personal way.

Since 2021, he has been the Artistic Director of the international project "Make Art Gallery," a Virtual Online Gallery that promotes contemporary art and artists through semi-immersive virtual exhibitions, metaverse exhibitions, and the publication of art volumes with international distribution. He is the creator of the Virtual Art Week project, a week of contemporary art in online virtual contexts.

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