MOLD The collective

Mold correspond to schemes, shape, matrix, mold, cast. But also molding, modeling, forging.
Mold is the action of experimenting, creating experiences, giving shape to thought.
Mold was born from the meeting of Izzy RH - director and musician, FPC - set designer and visual artist, and Kaey - sculptor, illustrator, performer. With the aim of creating a multimedia language branching off into multiple paths.
Mold is the trunk of a tree and each of its components is a branch, from which ideas, actions, projects, works blossom.
Mold is not just a collective, Mold is a single organism.

The collective partecipated at the 2021's ediction of the Rome Art Week in the debut event at the Largo Venue's Rumah hall, in the frame of the initiative "Karmika".

The ongoing projects will be realized starting by Autumn 2022.