Jacqueline Cope

The visual arts is a subject where all can express themselves and their creativity, whether 2 years or 92 years. I have had the wonderful experience of not only being a practising artist but a teacher of art, to encourage others to stay in touch with their sense of play.  Which is what creativity is; whether expressed through Art or another subject, exploring and discovery is key.

Studying in the UK offered a wonderful experience of experimentation whilst the influence of living in Italy has enabled development and refinement that gives a sense of depth and involvement to the work. Working with expressive and intellectual energies makes each painting an interesting journey.  Rather than painting just what is seen, it is much more a search for what is felt.  The representational imagery is a base through which the work evolves. A search to encapsulate a sense of the energy noted and to emanate that back to give a sense of well being.


University and College
Sept 85-Jul 86 PGCE Teacher's Training Course Exeter University, St Luke's School of Education, Devon
Sept 81-Jul 84 Fine Art Degree Course, BA Hons 2.2, Exeter College of Art & Design, Devon Spring term 92 exchange - Rennes College De Beaux Arts, France
Sept 79-Jul 81 2yrs Art Foundation Course, Ordinary Surrey Diploma,
Epsom School of Art & Design, Surrey

Dal 1986 to date I have worked as an Art Teacher in various schools in Guernsey, the UK and Rome

Nov 84 Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter - Exhibiting in the Printmaker’s Exhibition
Oct 84 - Sept 85 Member of the A/P Print Studio - set up by a group of friends. Working evenings and helping teach beginners to raise funds.
Dec 84 - Jan 85 Playhouse Theatre, Epsom - One Man Exhibition of paintings and etchings
June 2001 Shared exhibition of paintings at the Narthax Gallery, Kings Road, Chelsea
Marzo 2011 Mostra collettivo - Settimana Bianca Genoa
Ott 2013 Mostra collettivo - Domus Talenti Roma
Nov 2014 Mostra collettivo - Pittura Donna - Conca D'Oro - Roma
Mar 2015 Mostra collettivo - Autoritratti- Gruppo Pittori Internazionale, Roma
Mag 2016 Mostra collettivo - Gruppo Pittori Uniti per la Pittura, Roma
Giu 2017 Mostra collettivo - Meuf Gallery, Roma
Dic 2017 Mostra collettivo - Muef Gallery, Roma
Ott 2018 Mostro collettivo - Uno Gallery Berlino - Omaggio al Paesaggio
Ott 2018 Mostra collettivo - Virus Gallery, Roma
Ott 2018 Mostro collettivo - Artist’s Studio Rome Borgo Pio
Dic 2018 Mostro collettivo- Gallery Uno Berlin - Il Nudo

In The Footsteps of the Grand Tour, Rome, (Air, Earth, Spanning Time ) acrylic on canvas, 50 x 100 cm
Washed Up Medusa, acrylic on canvas 70 x 100 cm
Homage to the Renaissance, woodcut
Nude, acrylic on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm