Jacqueline Cope

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Studying in the UK offered a wonderful experience of experimentation and wholehearted expression whilst the artistic influence from living in Italy has been about engaging in careful development and refinement that gives a sense of depth and involvement to the work. Exploring this technical and aesthetic balance between expression and refinement enables each painting to progress along an interesting journey of control and discovery.   The thinking behind the artwork is in fact a search to convey the sense of flux, the fixed and the eternal that represents our constant flickering of thoughts between the past, present and prediction. 

The landscape work is developed from a series of sketches and photos and through this period of visual investigation the perception of a place is further explored in the studio to form compositional ideas. The light, the weather and the textures in the landscape, along with the comings and goings of people, are used to give a layered sense of time and the presence of elemental forces. 

All of us exude a sense of self that changes with the situation. The paintings of nudes use calligraphic mark making and often Fauvist colour to convey the idea of human energy and presence.  Instead the woodcuts often reference iconic characters, heroes and anti heroes or animal behaviours to examine our own actions and choices which make up our "stories" and contexts giving a more modern twist to the morals of life events often found in myths and legends.

I'm passionate about art, always ‘swimming’ in two directions, savage and controlled, humorous and poignant, painterly and graphic.

Studied at Exeter College of Art And Design

Nov 84                 Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter - Exhibiting in the Printmaker’s Exhibition 

Oct 84 - Sept 85  Member of the A/P Print Studio - set up by a group of friends.  Working evenings and helping teach beginners to raise funds.

Dec 84 - Jan 85   Playhouse Theatre, Epsom - One Man Exhibition of paintings and etchings 

Jun 2001             Shared exhibition space - Narthax Gallery, Kings Road, Chelsea

Mar 2011            Group exhibition - Settimana Bianca Genoa

Ott 2013             Group exhibition - Domus Talenti Roma

Nov 2014            Group exhibition - Pittura Donna - Conca D'Oro - Roma

Mar 2015            Group exhibition - Autoritratti- Gruppo Pittori Internazionale, Roma

Mag 2016           Group exhibition - Gruppo Pittori Uniti per la Pittura, Roma

Giu 2017            Group exhibition - Meuf Gallery, Roma

Dic 2017            Group exhibition - Muef Gallery, Roma

Ott 2018            Group exhibition - Uno Gallery Berlino - Omaggio al Paesaggio

Ott 2018            Group exhibition - Virus Gallery, Roma

Ott 2018            Group exhibition - Artist’s Studio Rome Borgo Pio 

Dic 2018            Group exhibition- Gallery Uno Berlin - Il Nudo

Ott 2021            RAW - Rome Art Week - Open Studios

Giu 2022            RIS Arts & Crafts Fair - Rome

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Gel Print, acrylic on paper, title 'Shy Bunny Girl', 2023
‘Sure fire’, gel print/painting, acrylic on paper
 Urban Rain and Light, acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm
Cats ARE Cubist, woodcut
‘Burlesque’, gel print/acrylic paint on paper