Marco Barucco

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Marco Barucco

Born: 02/23/1976 in Rome

Phone (+39) 3337958310


Profound evils hide in the depths of our brain. You don't see them, but they are real. They take form in the actual convolutions of our grey matter.

Unnoticed, they transform humans into monsters. Sometimes just creepy little monsters, sometimes vicious beasts that possess and control us. After all, is not so difficult to transform oneself into a demon (or a succubus). And many of us are that, without even knowing.

What I do, is to classify and draw the anatomy of this evil, like a pathologist classifies and studies sick tissues. To understand...If I cannot least I don't want to keep my eyes closed!



2001 Graduated in Medicine

2006 Specialized in Internal Medicine

Physician since 2001:

In all this years as a doctor I lived the profound and violent schism between the desire for good and the often victorious presence of evil. A phisical evil that is just the most visible evidence of the pain that is inherent to our human nature. It can be psychological, moral, physical... most of the times we inflict it to ourselves by our voluntary ignorance of the laws of life.



17/03/2006 – 07/04/2006
Collective exhib. Galleria GARD, Via Dei Conciatori 3/I, Roma

24/06/2006 – 02/07/2006
La Donna Animale
Collective exhib. Chiesa Romanica di San Francesco, Capranica (VT)

05/07/2006 – 01/08/2006
Marco Barucco – L’arte dell’inquietudine esistenziale
Personal exhib. Galleria “Il Cielo”, Via Baiano 44, Roma

10/11/2006 – 24/11/2006
Micro & MACRO
Collective exhib. Museo Storico della Fanteria, Piazza Di Santa Croce In Gerusalemme 9,

26/01/2007 – 06/02/2007
Collective exhib. Galleria Crispi, Via Vittoria 74, Roma

15/05/2007 – 13/10/2007Guglie
Itinerant Collective exhib. Vista Centro D’arte, Via Ostilia 41, Roma; Gloss, Via Del Monte
Della Farina 44, Roma; Fortezza del Girifalco, Cortona (AR)

16/01/2008 – 02/02/2008
Schiavitù, Amore & Lavoro
Collective exhib. Mercato Alimentare di Piazza Vittorio, Via Ricasoli, Roma

14/12/2021 – 14/02/2021
Masterful Work
Collective exhib. Contea Caravaggio Museum, Via Rimini 1, Catania

08/08/2021 – 14/08/2021
Golden Sigfrido Award (with special honourable mention)
Collective exhib. Contea Caravaggio Museum, Via Rimini 1, Catania

29/08/2021 – 12/09/2021
Arte Expo Arcaista
Collective exhib. Church of Santa Maria in Castello, Tarquinia (VT)

Permanent collection at the Contea Caravaggio Museum, Via Rimini 1, Catania

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Good Citizen. White pencil on blck paper, 100 cm x 70 cm.
Spiritual Anatomy- Find 2. White pencil on black paper, 100 cm x 70 cm.
Getting myself together. White pencil on black paper, 100 cmx 70cm.
Spiritual Anatomy- Find 3. White pencil on black paper, 100 cm x 70 cm.

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29 Oct 2021 | 10:00-23:30
Marco Barucco

Free admission
Open Studio
Studio Marco Barucco
Via Tasso 92 - Roma
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