Maurizio Cimino

Photo Lab Technician and research assistant at University of Naples Audiovisual Research Center
Main research subjects are ROM's identity, urban daily life, street photography, live music, theatre, performing arts.
I'm member of Ta’ata , agence multimédia de photos polynésienne(Tahiti et les îles), and of Artistes sans Frontières


Fête de l'Humanité, Paris 2015
Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Marseille 2013
Esfoto 12, El Salvador 2012
Re-visualizing the city (IVSA), New York 2012
PICS Festival , London 2012 (multimedia)
Tekne‘ Arte Contemporanea, Potenza 2010
Galerie 88, Paris 2010
GiuBox Gallery, Naples 2009
Centro Cultural Rojas, Buenos Aires 2009
Casa della Pace, Milan 2009 (collettiva)
Parcours Artistique du 3e, Paris 2009
Galerie 52, Paris 2009
Istituto Italiano Cultura/Altrimenti, Luxembourg 2008
Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Naples 2007
Institut Francais de Naples, Naples 2006
Museo di Santa Chiara, Naples 2005

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