Germana Galdi

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Doughter and granddaughter of four artists who died prematurely i was trained as a self-taught. The goldsmith's of the past, sculpture, tailoring, these are some of the geniuses that i carry inside. After various experiments in the drawing of nude, of clothes, and with the use of different techniques: china, painting on fabric, ecoline, landing on watercolour.

In 1996 i started my watercolour style "Reflections and transparencies".

Even before smartphones, i immortalized moments of travel and moments, portraying vintage and art food objects. After having exhibited at some events, i i retired for a few years to personal production only, since the roman panorama was rather closed to the flow of self-made art.

In 2015 on the magazine "Psychology/Art/Society" i dealt with the topic and in the thesis of the Master concluding in 2017 i summarize the meaning of my work by explaining the importance of inner "reflection" and constant work undertaken in about 30 years. The object i portray in glass and metal i consider them metaphors oflife and my style of life. The more we work internally to arrive at a "transparency" first of all with ourselves, bringing out our true nature, removing the conditioning of our parents and ancestors, the more all the work done at 360' we "reflect" on the outside as from the metal, influencing this that surrounds us. 

In 2016 he began a journey with abstract acrylics, arriving finalist for "The World Day of Rare Desease" with my first work "Soul" and in 2017 he follows the "Trame di vita" (Texture of life) trend as evidence of 15 years of Hellinger's Family Constellations and several years of Gestalt interiour work groups of personal growth. 

In 2017 i completed a Master in Art Counseling.

In 2019 i started my new "MyLightArt" theme with a stylized drawing and the light bulb head that represents me. I wanted to express myself in an original way, in the watercolour illustrations, with my associated phrases, where with lightness and irony i deal with serious  themes on which, in addition to reflecting, i try to get action using the skills in Counseling. In the same year the "Free emotions" theme in abstract acrilic of large dimensions also began to leave testimony in my production.

I have been a model of my photographic ideas since 2014, i use my body as an expressive form, body painting  model for some collaborations with Miguel Gomez BIBART Biennal Internationale of Bari. I am Photo Art Director and Photo Stylist: I take care of my poses in detail, the places that inspire me, the angles, the accessories, the clothes, while the make-up is minimal, including the absence of a  Hair Stylist. Important message because for me communicating the simple personality and especially nowadays is fundamental avoiding any unnaturalness and for the photographic part collaborated with Pino Alberto Sturniolo.

Over the years i have had collaborations with some musicians for album covers, but also composer who have been inspired by my artistic themes including the guitarist Cosimo Antitomaso, the composer and Teacher/Maestro of the Valencia Conservatory E. Calandin, T. Pandimiglio and the pianist A. Magnotta of the "Victoria and Albert Museum".

In 2020 and 2021 i collaborated with some of my works in Enrico Vanzina's film.

In 2021 i embarked on a new path of watercolor, abstract acrylics: and illustration about  "Jazz" and i spoke about it as a guest on Vatican Radio in February 2023 i was Luigi Picardi's guest.

I collaborated on cover album and coverbooks, most recently my third one coming out 2023: "Non è mai una strada dritta" Feltrinelli Edishier of Emanuele Cruciani and meeting with the Therapist and Prof. Marco Pacifico CEPIB (Centro di Psicologia Integrata per il Benessere) for whom i created my personalized "Texture of life".

In 2022 i started custom production with my registered trademark in 2016, created by my goldsmith father in 1987. T-shirts and shoppers are some of the original creations for sale.

I also work on request, and i have a youtube channel where you can find interviews and videos.

My web site is to be renewed but i can be found on the main social networks.

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