Marina Misiti

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Marina Misiti, reportage artist and author, specialized in visual anthropology, for years she has traveled as a “reporter with a pencil” writing and illustrating articles and books.
Editor in chief and creative director during the last 20 years she has been artistically exploring themes such as urban spaces, signs, landscape and gentrification. With time she has experimented with different techniques and ways of expression.
Her travel diaries, artist's books, collages, drawings, urban sketches, photographs and asemic calligraphy, have been selected, bought and exhibited in Italy and abroad in art galleries, museums, festivals and Italian Cultural Institutes, obtaining awards and special recognitions.
Alongside artistic activities, she has been conducting original workshops on artist books/collage/assemblage for years


Italy, Turin, Palazzo Carignano, “Dreaming Architectures”, group show, 2024

Italy, Naples, Palazzo Gravina, Federico II University, Architecture, 99Files Archive _ Operative Atlas for Balkan City (Skopje)/ Landscape_inprogress, 2023

Italy Rome, Palazzo Velli Expo, "Together We Art", 2022

Italy, Rome, RAW/Laboratorio Antonella Argenti, "TRACCE”, 2022

Italy, Rome, Portuense 201/Open House Roma, "Still Moving, Nuove Prospettive”, 2022

Italy, Rome, Impact Art Gallery, "Equilibrismi", 2022

Belgium, Hotel de Ville Saint-Gilles (Bruxelles), “Scrivendo la Divina Commedia”, Group show, 2022

Italy, Rome, Gallery/Store Alessandra Giannetti, #grafieurbane for capsule collection Wardrobe #1, 2022

Belgium, Hasselt, La Dante di Hasselt, “Scrivendo la Divina Commedia”, Group show, 2021

Italy, Castello di Terrarossa (MS), “Scrivendo la Divina Commedia”, Group show, 2021

Belgium, Anversa, La Dante di Anversa, “Scrivendo la Divina Commedia”, Group show, 2021

Belgium, Bruxelles, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, “Scrivendo la Divina Commedia”, Group Show, 2021

Spain, Madrid, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, performance sul Libro d’Artista nell’ambito del Festival di Poesia sui Quattro Elementi, 2019

Italy, Roma, MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma), workshop/mostra-evento “In & Out”/”In-Visible People”, 2019

Spain, Madrid, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, performance sul Libro d’Artista, 2018

Egypt, Alexandria, Biennale Internazionale del Libro d’Artista, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Group Show by IIC Cairo, 2018

Macedonia, Skopje, “#99FILES” , Museo di Arte Contemporanea MoCA, 2018

Italy, Rome, “Risonanze”, Arteealtro Nomadic Gallery, via Giulia, Palazzo Ricci-Parracciani, 2018

Italy, Rome, “Mod’Arte”, Arte in Regola Gallery, 2018

Egypt, Luxor, Luxor Cultural House, Group Show by IIC Cairo, 2017

Italy, Villapiana (CS), Digital Doors Festival, “#grafieurbane”, Show e Workshop, 2017

Egypt, Il Cairo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, “Scrivendo la Divina Commedia”, Group Show, 2017

Spain, Madrid, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, “#grafieurbane” Residenza d’artista ed Evento, 2016

Great Britain, London “fLIP” Show/Event“, 2011

US, New York, Callahan Gallery, St. Francis College Brooklyn, “Perspectives On Time”, 2011

Brazil, Florianopolis, “Strati velati”, 2011

US, New York, Durst Gallery, “New Visions”, 2011

Brazil, Brusque, “Rome-by-bus 87/70″, 2011

US, New York, Macy’s Herald sq, “A Woman’s World”, 2011

Italy, Latina, Laranarossa Gallery, "Affari di cuore", 2011

US, New York, Manhattan Borough President Gallery, “The Art of Commerce”, 2010

Italy, Rome, Sala1 e Via Giulia 95, Raccolta di Racconti IV/“MUP Project”, 2010

Italy, Sabaudia (LT), Museo Emilio Greco, “MadPhoto Donna”, 2009

Italy, Festival Internazionale di Fotografia di Corigliano Calabro, “MUP Project”, 2008

Italy, Open Studio, Atelier Lungaretta, 2005/2006/2007

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