Monica Casali

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Selfmade artist, Monica's creations are the result of her passion for Pop Art; she loves to put herself in discussion and makes every time new experiments.

Monica started with Walhol style portraits, mixed media abstract and etnic paintings, and all these techniques had created her personal style that we can see starting with the serie of Vespa Special , the Fiat 500, and all the Vintage cars painted on big canvas, defined with resin, and put to a new life with the insert of original working car parts.

Switch on the lights!

The collaboration with Cà d'Oro Art Gallery send Monica's works overseas; Miami, New York, Tokyo.

Monica now collaborates with the Canova art group site in Rome, Milan and New York.

You can find her artwork permanently in Rome Parioli at Flamant.




Giulietta SS - 160x120cm - Mixed media on canvas .
Porsche 356 sea back - 150x120 cm - Mixed media on canvas.
313 - 120x150 cm - Mixed media on canvas.
500 Times Italy - 120x120 cm - Mixed media on canvas.