To Lynn


To Lynn (Antonietta P.) was born in Southern Italy in September 198#. She is an independent artist.


BIOGRAPHY: It's all because of the pencils.


MESSAGE: The production is figurative: watercolor illustrations and acrylic paintings.
The stroke is quick, immediate, the message prevails over the cleanliness of the drawing.
The style is synthetic, minimal, few colors, subjects often in black and white, light or colored backgrounds.
The outlines of the figures often remain deliberately undefined, the observer joins the points, as if it were a beautiful involuntary game,                                                         perfection is in the mind of the beholder and there are the details, but it is a job to remove.


The aim is to communicate, in an authentic and visionary way.


The canvases and illustrations are inspired by music, movies, everyday scenarios, domestic and urban life, and everything that the moment suggests.

While the commissioned artworks are suggested by phrases, songs and everything that does not contain an image, precisely to avoid falling into simple execution;

Translatig in an artwork, a required idea and not a suggested image, reverses the relationship between those who create and those who ask:

It's no the artist that imposes an idea to the client, but the opposite, it avoids the problem of detachment but the personal vision remains.


She has made numerous painting exhibitions, and started editorial and artistic collaborations.

She prefers to exhibit in independent environments. She copies, sweetens, filters what happens.


What means Relax for me      [acrilicart on canvas, 30x40 cm]
Summer memories in a raining day  [acrilicart on canvas, 40x30 cm]
La città delle finestre [acrilicart on canvas, 30x40cm]
Buffalo '66  [acrilicart on canvas, 30x40 cm]

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