David Anthony Sant

Artist biography: Born in Sydney, Australia. My film making achievements are recognised within a significant number of International film making collectives who regularly screen and showcase my work. The films I have directed and produced combine experimental visuals with experimental sound. A subject that re-occurs in many of my films is the experience of location and space. These films are often films about space and spaciousness as experienced within urban environments. Every film I create is an attempt to explore the visual language of the moving image. My approach to film making can best be described as extemporaneous film making.

2020 C.V.

Group Exhibition: ‘Nuove Astrazioni - Inaugurazione’: OGA - Ospizio Giovani Artisti: Rome, Italy. January 7-18.

Video Screening: 'Exploding Cinema': The Cinema Museum: Kennington: London. February 29.

Video Screening: ‘23èmes Rencontres Internationales Traverse’: Lycée Ozenne: Toulouse, France. March 13-31.

Online Screening: ‘Corona! Shutdown?’: New Media Fest 2020. April 3 to July 1.

Live Streaming: ‘LIVE from the bunker… Isolation Inspiration!': Exploding Cinema: London. May 9.

Distribution and Promotion: ‘VISUALCONTAINER’: Milan, Italy. May 14.

Online Screening: ‘After Greed Became Form’: White Rectangle Gallery: London. July 8 - September 8.

Online Screening: ‘Anharmonic Online Film Festival’: UK. August 12.

Online Screening: ‘Vartex 8 _ Muestra De Video Y Experimental’: cinéfagos.net: Medellín, Colombia. August 12.

Online Screening: ‘ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... ’: A.R.T online Zine: London. August 25 – September 24.

Online Screening: Video Raymi 9 (festival internacional de videoarte del Cusco): Cusco, Peru. August 27.

Video Screening: XIII Edición del Premio de Videoarte del Ayuntamiento de Astillero: El Almacén de las Artes: Astillero, Spain. August 28.

Online Group Show: The Virtual Art Fair _ Third Edition: U.K. September 4.

Online Publication: SEIREN 2.0: superficial: Quarterly multimedia publication: UK. September 11 - November.

Video Screening: OVER THE REAL festival internazionale di videoarte (5th edition): Lucca, Italy. September 30 - October 4.

Online Publication: the September MASS _ GRASSROOTS: monthly multimedia publication: UK. September 30 – October 30.

Video Screening: ‘Otros Paisajes’: Casa Feliza / Art Space: Barranquilla, Colombia. October 1 - 11.

Video Screening: ‘VI festival de video arte Palmira’: UrbanArte Corporación Cultural: Palmira, Colombia. October 15.

Video Screening: ‘Rome Art Week Video Art Contest’: Kou Gallery & online: Rome, Italy. October 29 - 31.

Online Group Show & Video Screening: ‘Miami New Media Festival XV Edition’ (New Media Art and Censorship in the Information Era): online, Laundromat Art Space, Doral

Contemporary Art Museum: Miami, USA. October 30, November 20, November 28.

Video Screening: VI Festival Video nodoCCS: arteriet gallery & online: Kristiansand, Norway. November 14-22.

Screening (vimeo on demand): In Solidarity (protest films in a time of crisis): The Film-Makers’ Cooperative: New York. November 16 – December 2.

Video Screening: XIII Edición del Premio de Videoarte del Ayuntamiento de Astillero: Sala Bretón de Astillero: Astillero, Spain. November 19 - December 13.

Online & Video Screening: ‘CineToro Experimental Film Festival’ (experimental cinema and poetry: two worlds united): Toro, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. November 24-29.

CV from 2000 onwards

Still image 1 from the artist film: 'TRANSMISSION'
Still image 2 from the artist film: 'TRANSMISSION'
Still image 3 from the artist film: 'TRANSMISSION'
Still image 4 from the artist film: 'TRANSMISSION'

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