Ilaria Commendatore

Ilaria Commendatore was born in Rome on February 16, 1995.Passionate since she was a child of drawing, she obtained the Diploma of Artistic Disciplines at the Liceo Artistico in Rome , Mario Mafai . Currently, she graduate in Multimedia and Technological Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Portraitist and Painter (formerly Tattooist) in the province of Rome. Her works represent detailed faces of people (famous and not)and natural landscapes, mainly made with a pen. Several works of the artist have been exhibited in different locations: a work made with mixed media was exhibited at the Expo in Milan-Lazio Pavilion- and several postcards of the project Italian Resistance at the Central Museum Montemartini in Rome. The artist carried out: -internship of surveillance

Mia Martini

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