Annamaria Russo Aruss

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Annamaria Russo, who has already been the main character of a series of expositions in particulary important places from the historical-artistic point of view like “Bramante’s hall” in piazza del Popolo, “Cortile degli Aranci” in the monumental complex of San Michele a Ripa, the “Scuderia” of Palazzo Ruspoli and the Barracco Museum in Rome, suggests today her reviewing of the figures of the Stabiae site and by drawings and engravings She measures herself with the classical visual legacy and from this She draws her inspiration to express the moods that the ancient handiwork provokes in her emotional sphere. The exhibition becomes the symbol of a tribute to the ancient Stabie in the sphere of Restoring Ancient Stabiae project

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Nuvola Grigia
Nuvola verde, plexiglass, 2020
Orologio del tempo futuro, plexiglass, 2020