Daniela Beltrani

Daniela Beltrani is a performance artist based in Rome. She is the artistic director of P.A.R. (Performance Art Rome), which she set up in 2019. Daniela has lived and practised abroad from 1996 to 2018. In 2011 she attained her Master of Arts in Contemporary Asian Art Histories from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She holds 500-hour Yoga instructor, Sound practitioner, and Mindfulness coach certificates. In 2018 she attained the Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology. In 2020 she completed the Master in Management for the Valorisation of the Cultural Heritage, at Sapienza Università di Roma. Since 2010 Daniela has led solo and group exhibitions, and contributed articles for art publications, and catalogues with a focus on contemporary art in Southeast Asia, and performance art. Early in 2011, sensing a gap in her studies of art theory, she embarked on an experiential journey in performance art to enhance her research, and this art form became her preferred form of artistic expression. Since then she has been organising performance art events, in Singapore and abroad, and presenting over 100 performances, in the Philippines, Singapore, Italy, Cambodia, Myanmar, Turkey, Indonesia, Finland, China, Malaysia, India, Mexico, and Iran. In 2011, she also set up S.P.A.M. (Self Performance Art Meetings), a performance art platform.

Daniela promotes an experience of art that is non-elitist, and can offer opportunities for alternative and more visceral readings, and reflections. She favours marginal spaces, where she feels she could recover the authenticity and connectedness between art and life, that she regretfully finds missing in most main-stream and market-oriented encounters. Benefitting from a strong humanistic background, and ongoing research on human nature and spirituality, her efforts encourage the audience of her performances into a more holistic experience of art, as a means to cultivate their own individual sense of aesthetics, and to recover their humanity and interconnectedness beyond the flimsy parameters of a decadent and materialistic society. Her wholesome approach to performance art - as performer, spectator, photographer, and writer - allows her to explore this malleable art form, in the awareness that its very practice informs its elusive definition. Her continuing research into and practice of yoga enrich her repertoire. More recently, she has expanded her artistic practice to include knowledge and insights from mindfulness, and positive psychology. Her latest series, From Human Doing to Human Being, intends to facilitate a meaningful encounter between artist and audience, and to elicit an audience response from levels of consciousness beyond mind, intellect, and ego, with a view to recover our sense of true self, through actions of meditative quality, carried out mindfully, in repetition, stillness, silence, and/or non-verbal communication.

Per speculum by Daniela Beltrani, 2020 (PC Sergio Buondonno)
Per speculum by Daniela Beltrani, 2020 (PC Sergio Buondonno)
Avadhuta by Daniela Beltrani, 2020 (PC Sergio Buondonno)
Beautiful regret by Daniela Beltrani, 2017 (PC Ezzam Rahman)

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