Michele Spina

Born in 1987, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples in Visual Arts and Disciplines of The show, painting Address, then specialized at the Academy of fine arte of Roma, graduating with a thesis on sculpture. His curriculum includes participation in numerous contests and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including his presence at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale. He currently teaches Art Education at the Ministry of Public Education in Rome, where he lives since 2013. Michele Spina’s research moves along a path that aims to reveal the mechanisms dominating the art star system, using it as a vehicle for reporting, but also as a proposal to go beyond the banality of everyday life, to remember that it can be spirituality and dream, aimed at recovering the human dimension of existence. In the last few years he has made works using iron and wool, a traceable and recognizable trait that identifies SPINA in the world of contemporary art. Colorful and brilliant, Michele Spina’s art, as well as having a great deal of sensitivity, fascinates and enchants the viewer. His art contains a great magnetic force that seems to jump out of colors and curved lines. By meticulously wrapping the structures with colored wool threads, it manages to describe graphic volumes and empty bodies. He investigates the animal world: geese, deer, elephants, mice, birds… they come to life and enchants the viewer. While his works present on the one hand a parody of fashion, on the other hand his themes refer to a trash imaginary characteristic of the punk and underground creative world.
Ariel (blu duck)
Dolphins 200x150
Rainbow skull

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